Saturday, May 10, 2008

BREAKING: Home and Guesthouse Closed

From the weekend desk of DBTH, a Little Birdy sent us (and everyone else thank you very much) this quick note, "Both home and guesthouse are closed until further notice". Oh the humanity. Will NYC nightlife ever recover from this low blow to our souls? Will New Jersey and Strong Island keep their flags at half mast for the rest of the weekend? Will Steve Lewis get to redesign the clubs when they are taken over by another operator. It's way too early in the grieving process to answer these questions. You can tell the Guesthouse patrons above are wondering the same thing. Consider this developing.

When we asked our LB why the club was shut down, we were told it was the cops. Apparently they were cited for underage drinking and drugs. Maybe we should hang out there more often.

UPDATE #2: A mysterious go between drops a note to us, saying "Hi I'm sitting with Steve Lewis who just got a call and says..."home and guesthouse will be open tonight!" We are honored and wish to thank both you and Msr. Lewis. Go get em Guesthouse.


Anonymous said...

the one on the left is hot

Anonymous said...

anon 9:51
are you the one on the left? be honest.

Anonymous said...

douchy clubs. I'd rather party in a supermarket.

Anonymous said...

isn't glo a supermarket now?