Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surf Lodge a Smashing Success

A lot haters tried to throw cold water on the opening weekend of the Surf Lodge, the rehabbed waterfront property in Montauk. But it seems that the opening weekend couldn't have gone any smoother. According to a Surf Lodge insider:

It was so crowded. I don't think montauk has seen so many people before. All elements of the property (the hotel, the deck, the bar, the restaurant) were running at full capacity. The on-site Tracy Feith boutique opens this week. There were many locals, industry types, and celebs in attendance. Many for multiple nights in row. And everybody was raving about Sam talbot's food.

What everybody needs to realize is that this is not a nightclub and to not compare it to those other places. Its a chill spot, open seven days a week. If someone's first thought is "Montauk?" Then its probably not for them.
These pictures sure look like they are telling the truth. Check out that sky behind Julian Marley! Like co-owner Jayma Cardosa said, Montauk is just a bit different, and they don't expect a Dune type scene. Different strokes for different folks. Early congratulations all around.

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WillyBeG said...

Just got back from out of town for the weekend. I caught up with all my greaT NY nightlife Gossip.I dont want to say I told you so about Surf Lodge, but I did. This place will be a roaring success!. Anyways Thanx DBTH for keeping abrest to all that I missed!

Anonymous said...

i heard good things from people that were there last weekend.