Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting to Know Matt Abramcyk

Matt Abramcyk sits down for a little one on one time with the Observer to talk Beatrice, Chelsea and everything else, and boldly states the Beatrice Inn has "become one of the best places in the world of all time". You've got to love the moxy on this one. Plus, the author got some quotes from a familiar face, so please give it a read.

· Baron of Beatrice Inn Branches Out [Observer]


teabag said...

You can tell from this article he is fat, that's for sure.

I personally don't agree with his assessment because I don't find the drug addled hipster kids who round out the crowd there to be as attractive as the random models who round out the crowds at other historically good places, but to be fair they aren't trying to be one of those places. On a different note I think the success of the Beatrice is somewhat relative -- the New York nightlift scene isn't what it once was, and Matt's career and personal experience is limited.

So if "all time" is the last couple of years, sure, why not.

Anonymous said...

it's also very hit or's either on fire...or depressing...sometimes both.

Anonymous said...

I believe her...I met her at the Costume Institute Gala and have seen her at polo games for years. She has beautiful horses. She's old school glam. He looks shady, or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't her husband an industrialist? I sat on a commitee with her. She would not do this. Her family is so rich they blow kisses. Why did they make up this crazy story???