Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cain Southern Plans On Hold

Jamie, Jayma and the rest of the Cain gang have long planned to escape their first home in Chelsea and set up shop somewhere else. After several false starts, they had apparently settled on an alley space at 408 Broadway. Uh, not so fast. After pulling their liquor license application from the last CB 1 meeting, a Little Birdy tells us that unfortunately, the plans may have to be scrapped completely. The Community Board is dead set against Cain, or any re-imagination of it, opening in their ritzy hood. Alley or no alley, lower Broadway or wherever. The Cain crew has not given up hope of pulling something off here, but it's just not looking to good.


modelbehavior said...

Oh no! I live down here and was looking forward to having another soho area club could get smashed in and walk home from!

Guess we'll just have to keep going to Upstairs.