Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the Circuit: Letter From Cannes

So, we decided to entrust a Little Birdy to be our on the scene eyes and ears at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Big mistake. We wound up not hearing from them for days, until finally we heard from them this afternoon. So Little Birdy, what do you have to say for yourself?

So, I just got back from the Jade Jagger Belvedere Dagger Party. It was a lot better than it sounds. Jade Jagger, P. Diddy, Ed Norton, Goldie Hawn, Kelly Brook, Billy Zane, Mike Tyson, Vikram Chatwal and me partying at club VIP. Belvedere all over the place. It was raining but the turnout was still pretty incredible. One of the production people told me over 2000 showed up. Funniest part was Diddy (what is he doing in Cannes?) showing up with an entourage of 30 people, scooping up as many Belvedere drinks that he could get his hands on. Isn't he the face of Ciroc? Good thing they pay him all that money. Anyway, Marc Ronson was the DJ, music was awesome, and this whole week has been awesome. Sorry to not check in sooner but I am too busy living the life.
You know what Birdy? If we paid you any money we would have to fire you. But we don't so we love you. Stay dry and try to check in more often.


Anonymous said...

who's picking up the tab for Tyson? He was suppose to be broke and screwed everyone out of money and here is partying .It must be some white chick hanger on .He must be a friend of O.J..
Diddy is real piece work ..30 people give me break.Who the hell needs 30 people around then .
Talk about what a jackass he is and all those phoney blood suckers gangsters.