Wednesday, May 07, 2008

La Esquina Making Its Miami Move

Another tidbit of information that bubbled to the surface during the Cordell Lochin legal tizzy was Serge Becker had plans to open a second La Esquina in Miami. So exciting. Well, DBTH has learned a bit more intel on the project, and it's shaping up to be a doozy. The word from South Beach is that Becker and his posse have signed a deal to open La Esquina in the soon to open Mondrian South Beach Hotel and Residences, and that Becker will operate not only a La Esquina lobby restaurant but also a roof top bar. Good deal for Becker, but will taking a restaurant that is known more for its basement than its food to the land of Latin cuisine be a success? Will it diminish the strong La Esquina brand here in New York City? Only time will tell, but as one wise operator told us, "your brand is your brand it's best not to fuck with it." Indeed.



Anonymous said...

Miami beware. This is clearly a fluff piece planted by the publicist. A "strong New York brand?" In their dreams. Get the real scoop at