Friday, May 16, 2008

Wildwood Welcomes the Kid

One of our most trusted Little Birdies was on the scene last night at Wildwood, the new BBQ restaurant from B.R. Guest on Park Avenue South. The occasion? A Kid Rock post show after party. They filed this report:

Good crowd. Some SMOKING hot girls. Free BBQ ribs, which were excellent. Open bar - Coors (sponsor), Plymouth Gin, Jim Beam. Everyone was chilling basically just waiting for Kid Rock to show up, which he eventually did at about 1:45 with a bottle of Beam and a cigar in hand. Not a bad way to make an entrance. The food and festivities went until 4 AM I'm having a rough one today.
Late night BBQ and Beam sounds like an OK way to spend a Thursday night, even if you wind up paying for it on Friday. Kid sure looks happy up there. And it just proves that New York still loves the hours between 2-4.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried their new steak place on Park Ave south, "Primehouse"? Not good. If they do to BBQ what they did to steak, I'd stay away...

Anonymous said...

I agree, Primehouse does need some work, but should not be grouped with Wildwood. Wildwood has really great BBQ. I was surprised how amazing it was.