Friday, May 02, 2008

Upstairs Raided

So we got this rumor from a Little Birdy in the know, but haven't been able to confirm. Anyway, our Little Birdy in the know says, "last Wednesday night upstairs got raided for apparent liquor license violations. they were shut down for the evening...not sure where it goes from here." So that's what we hear. Developing.


Anonymous said...

its true. they are running a non legit bar upstairs - no pun bari does not have the right permit to allow drinks to be served after normal business hours..I guess someone finally blew the whistle on this one!

UPSTAIRS your time is up!

modelbehavior said...

Yikes. Does that mean I can't finish the night there before stumbling home this weekend? I'll need to get updates stat.

On the side - I find it miraculous this pace wasn't raided sooner.