Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Average Cost of a Table

As you and your share house friends prepare for your big weekend night out, we suggest your first check your bank accounts before you agree to go in for a table at one of Suffolk county's summer hot spots. And why is that? Because a table is going to cost you. According to a Little Birdy, "Hamptons folks seem to have colluded to all charge $2k a table at Lily Pond, Pink and Dune....and they're going fast as per a host friend of mine." Of course they are going fast, since people want to lock in at this low price before the summer gang of 3 jacks it to $2500. But imagine how cool you will feel when all of those other losers have to stand all night watching you and your friends sitting at your table. Now you see.

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Anonymous said...

what a joke bottle service is a scam brought to you by nightclub hacks. after they charge you.....and hit you with the 20 % grat and then the host gets tipped...why not bend over and just take it in the ass that's what they are doing to you anyway.

For what? a bottle of vodka..Then a place like La Playa has portable toilets!!!!! Scam Central

Anonymous said...

haha 100% agreed!