Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Now Meet Guest of a Guest. Really This Time.

Building up a mysterious internet identity is something we know a bit about. So did Guest of a Guest, until today. That's her up there wearing the vest and hanging out with pumpkins. Looks just like we said she did. She's our buddy, and now she wants to be yours too. Meet her everyone, and then Facebook her, and then call her, and write to her, and do everything because Rachelle is the [cough] force [cough] behind GoaG, and apparently she has some big plans and stuff and wants you to read all about it as she sits down with her Uncle Steve to chat. We're going to go call our Auntie Clara to talk about it.


Anonymous said...

LOL nice vest.

modelbehavior said...

Brave to reveal yourself Rachelle! good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

what is so brave? she wasnt writing anything provocative or crazy that her identity needed to be protected.