Monday, May 19, 2008

SLA Disses Death & Co, Keeps Le Suck Alive

In a case of what the hell were they thinking, the Observer has news of two embattled East Village establishments, Death & Co. and Le Souk, who are both battling the fickle SLA. Amazingly, Death & Co. have not swayed the SLA to re-instate their license, while Le Souk has managed to hold onto theirs for another week. Exsqueeze us? Something about this is just off.

While we have had our issues with Death & Co with small operational items, overall we find it to be a rather well run cocktail den. Le Souk is another beast, with underage crowds, loud music, fights and a general garbage atmostphere. To sum up, the SLA should desire establishments like Death & Co. But since they are the SLA, they do all they can to run them out while Le Souk manages to remain open. No wonder the Governor needed some adult fun, he worked for NY State!


Anonymous said...

Now Joe Hurley can discretely order his "CHARLIE" and be the "cool" rock and Roll artist he is.