Friday, May 30, 2008

Pros and Cons of subMercer

Our first few trips back to the recently re-opened subMercer have been pretty positive. Division Street, a seemingly brand new brahg, has also gone and has come up with a handy list of pros and cons, which we would love to share with you.

Pros of Submercer:
* No reception = no drunk dialing/texting. Saving us all from sending this text: "out at submrcer, but woud rather be with u”…to more people than we’d like to admit.
* "You called me? Are you sure? I was at submercer, the reception there sucks. Sorry. Maybe we’ll hang out next weekend!?"
* Bomb scare? I know where I’ll be.

Cons of Submercer:

* No one can really meet you there on a whim. It has to be planned and finalized before going under. Like marriage.
* Rolling out around 3:19am and receiving these 3 messages from New Crush:

“Hey” 12:58am

“Still want to hang out? Would love to see you!” 1:39am

“Ok. I guess you’re not into it. Call me never.” 3:18am

Curses! You were THISCLOSE to sealing the deal…
* The ceilings are about 3 inches lower than Beatrice. Which is officially too low. Models: get ready to put “the slouch” to use.

The verdict: Great for parties, nice change of scenery, and by the time you make 5 lefts and 3 rights and another left before getting in, you'll feel like James Bond.
Cheeky Division Street. We'll be watching you.

[Photo by Phillip Angert]


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