Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dark Room Drama

IMG_1633, originally uploaded by R. K..

We thank our hated enemies at Eater for sending a trusty intern to sit through the Community Board 3 Economic Development Committee meeting last night, where Dark Room's liquor license renewal permit was denied! According to Eater:

The committee rejected Ludlow Street's Darkroom for a liquor license renewal. They cited several infractions including noise complaints a few counts of selling booze to minors. The bar will have to plead its case with the full board later this month.
Underage drinking? In the Lower East Side? No! Maybe we need to bring back prohibition! We predict that they will make their case to some sympathetic Board members and the license will be renewed at the full meeting. What else would go into that basement space besides a bar? It may as well be Dark Room.


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