Monday, May 12, 2008

McNally Not Buying Beatrice

Radar Online "broke" a story today that Keith McNally was looking to buy DBTH favorite the Beatrice Inn. Thankfully, Eater put the kaibosh on this rumor, with McNally telling them "I've barely heard of this place, let alone considered buying it! An absolute NO to the rumor, but I'm flattered (if that's the word) that I should be someone reckoned to be in the running." This one should have never gotten off the ground, since the space simply lacks the capacity to do enough business to justify McNally's time. We feel dirty doing a post on it, but it is our business.


teabag said...

I was there on Saturday night and I can verify it did not do enough business to warrant McNally's, or anyone's interest.

Their lack of profit is kind of charming, though.

Anonymous said...

his daughter is always there lolz

Anonymous said...

i bought beatrice. its mine