Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Introducing Rate My Promoter

Introducing an ingenious new site, Rate My Promoter, "where you can either praise or bash a promoter you know". So if you've been overcharged for a night out, stuck in a bad corner table and paid full price, or been overwhelmed by stupid facebook invites, you now have a place to strike back. And because this is the internet, you can do it all anonymously! But you never know when that may come back to get you, so commenters beware.

· Rate My Promoter [Via Jossip]

On the Circuit: Chelsea Hotel's NYC Kick Off

What's the best way to lure New York City's weekend escape artists to your brand new, non-gaming hotel in Atlantic City? Hire some well established New York City nightlifers to run the clubs, and throw a party in New York to show what your new hotel is made of. That's exactly the strategy that the Chelsea Hotel AC followed last night, throwing a little how's your father soiree at the Beatrice Inn. Wonder how they chose that. The party started at 7 and ended on the early side, but somehow when you step into the upstairs room, it can be any time of the day.

The crowd was mixed, with employees from Cape Advisors and the Starr Restaurant Organization mingling with other suits, publicists and high and mighty nightlife insiders. Ahem. The best part besides the open bar? It would have to be the catered menu from the nearby Morimoto, Stephen Starr's temple of sushi here in NYC. Dungeness crab, rock shrimp, yellowtail and the like went down oh so smooth. Oh yeah, they also gave out towels.

Although it was crowded, the party was a nice way to kick off the night. If the rest of the Chelsea's hotel and service operations go this smoothly, we predict big things there all summer long.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flyer Follies: Antik is With Leathur

What do you get when you cross a bar with no bar and an email telling you that "Tuesday is the new Thursday"? White Leathur @ Antik. So head down to Bowery and Great Jones anytime after 10:30 until forever and make sure you bring your own booze, because it's impossible to get served .

Snitch is Dead, Long Live Snitch

Snitch, the rock and roll lounge on 21st Street, is closing its doors. They have plans to start doing concert promotions and other such events, as well as open a new space. Steve Lewis is devastated, we mean, really devastated, because Snitch was his favorite place. We mean really favorite place. Sorry Steve. That sucks. Someone send him some tissues on the quickness. But according to owner John Gabel, a new space will also open in the Snitch space, one that promises to "be an upscale lounge that will cater to the upscale social scenes of Manhattan, but I would say that customer service and operations and management will be probably greater then any place in New York." Lofty goals they laid out there, but we believe in them. Onward.

· Snitch Closes…It’s The End Of The World As We Know It [GNML]

Freemans Sporting Club Heads West

The barbers from Freemans Sporting Club are heading west in more ways than one. The original is doing so well that Taavo and the gang have decided to double their pleasure, securing a space at 8th Avenue and Horatio place to open a second barber location. However, this FSC location will feature a traditional apothecary instead of clothes. Expected opening is sometime in June.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pegu Club Goes Picante

Stopping by the Pegu Club for a drink this weekend, we were tantalized by a wickedly delicious cocktail that left us wanting for more. Called the "Poquito Picante" (meaning, a little heat), the gin based drink consists of muddled jalapeno pepper, cilantro & cucumber, cointreau, and lemon juice. It's served up with a jalapeno to dare those who want a bit more spice, and is beyond smooth. We suggest climbing those steps to enjoy several.

Lavo Staffs Up!

Lavo, Noah and Jason's upcoming Las Vegas mega project, is beginning to staff up. According to a Little Birdy, they are pulling their from Los Angeles. Says our LB:

Suk Sung, of Opera, Crimson, and Mood (though probably less proud of that last one), is moving from LA to Vegas at the end of the month to help start it up.
Our Little Birdy explains further that managers and hosts from both coasts are looking to move to the desert, and really, who can blame them. Unlike LA and NYC, hospitality makes the Vegas world go round, so middle management types are eager to use hotel mega clubs as a spring board to increased pay and greater opportunities. Tax trouble not included.

SLA Chief Quits

Joshua Toas, the CEO of the New York State Liquor Authority, quietly resigned last week. Local community groups loved Toas, a man greatly credited for cleaning up the much-maligned SLA. According to Susan Finley (Flatiron Alliance), "He was behind the movement to clean up the SLA, which was totally out of control. He actually came to meetings and took phone calls." It's amazing that just returning phone calls is enough to make you a hero. Immediate fall out? Probably not much. Expect the issuing of liquor licenses in the City to still be restricted, due to the backlash of the Community Boards. However, any job at the SLA is about as cozy as you can get, so we expect Gov. Patterson to look to fill it on the quickness. NYC may then see an increase in licenses at the City tries to stay above the economic downtown the only way it knows how - through the bottle.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

DBTH Poll: How Fresh is The Box

After last week's raucous debate over the relevance of The Box, we decided to fire up the old DBTH Poll machine to ask you, our readers, How Fresh is The Box?

Choice of 3 Answers
· Ripe and Juicy (Still hot)
· Stank and Rotten (Dunzo)
· Dead on the Vine (Never was)

Guess we already know how Ray LeMoine will vote. Polls are open until Wednesday. Participation is mandatory. DBTH is watching.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Commenter Smackdown: Cain vs Suzie Wongs

We really love our commenters, especially when they go at each other and not us. After our little post on Suzie Wong's late night liquor run, a Cain employee posted a comment ripping Suzie, saying:

i work at cain and it hardly looked like you guys were busy last night- guest house looked busier lol. suzie wong seems far from right.
BURN! They called you worse than Guest House. Is Suzie going to just take that? Hell No. Comeback time:
whoever wrote that last comment really has no clue. maybe if you came inside you would have seen a real party. come check it out one night for yourself before you open your mouth
We will add the ! ourselves. Not so witty but the line in the sand is drawn. Since it's warm again, may we suggest a Top Gun style beach volleyball contest? If the feuding loungers aren't into that, there is always a Satsky special in Houstons.

Outdoor Drinking Map

Our good friends at A Continuous Lean have put together another outstanding map for your enjoyment, this time plotting many of the establishments that allow the outdoor consumption of alcohol. A handy dandy reference for all of you to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Late Night Delivery at Suzie Wong's

Either the liquor demand at Suzie Wong's is through the roof, or someone forgot to pay the distributor. How do we know? A Little Birdy on the scene last night reports, "Illegal liquor being delivered to suzie wong's at 11:30 pm??? No legal distributor is open then???!!!! In a toyota rav 4??? Something ain't right!" That has to be a record for punctuation in a tip, but still, the info is highly unusual. But, according to Nicolette, Suzie's is apparently quite popular, and it isn't completely unthinkable for an owner or manager to call in backup supply from an off site storage facility or even grab an extra case of Dom from your kick ass pad. We always keep one on hand. Doesn't everyone else?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flyer Follies: Baby Buys A Mansion

It's Tribeca Film Festival week. That's why we are shifting our attention to the Broadway adaption of John Waters Cry-Baby. Not our cup of tea, but the party is at Mansion, which isn't our cup of tea either. Oh well.

Fans of the Box Fight Back

So what happens when your favorite night spot gets slammed with a bit of negative press? Take the offensive. Ray LeMoine decries Joshua David Stein's article from Page Six Mag, calling it a sham from the very start. LeMoine begins by saying, "I don’t know if they have fact checkers at the NY Post’s Page Six Mag, but yesterday a story ran about The Box where the first sentence was a lie." As for the belief that the club may be slipping, LeMoine is adamant that the opposite is true, stating"

In truth, The Box is actually better now than a year ago. The owners have put together a more fluid show, one without boring filler acts. And the crowd is more downtown than a year ago. After Box-owner Cordell Lochin was locked up for drug trafficking, Serge Becker, another owner, hired Christian Alexander. Christian lives in the LES and is tied to downtown’s art, music, fashion, and media circles more than anyone who’s ever worked at the Box save Hammerstein. Lochin was known for his celeb-ties, whereas Christian is the guy celebs come to for a unique egalitarin NYC vibe. Now on any given night you’ll see a Supreme-type with a bartender from a local spot hanging with Ally Hilfiger and Robin Thicke.
That's hot. That's so so hot and cool. But is it true? Our experts say possibly not, with a Little Birdy saying that while some musicians are still showing up to get on stage, the overall celeb buzz has dried up drastically. This debate is far from over, but maybe that is true for The Box too.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Soft(Shell Crab)ee

It's that time of year again. Soft Shell Crab time! So drink until your hearts and stomachs desire greasy food and head down to our favorite late night grease fest at Great NY Noodle Town and devour an order of soft shell crabs. We're not talking about those frozen ones they serve all year. Real fresh ones. You know what we're talking about. But like all other late night food, expect prices to have increased from last season. Ouch.

Signing the Box

Poor The Box. Simon Hammerstein and Serge Becker's theater du nightclub really specializes in getting poor press. After Joshua David Stein's page turning expose in this past Sunday's Page Six the Magazine revealed the seedier side of the club, may had us wondering what else could possibly happen?

According to a report on Animal New York, "Now someone is going around and warning the public about the club's bouncer Gans, claiming he's an alleged "DRUG PEDDLER" and that he "RAPED TWO WOMEN." Well, that certainly is no good.

See what happens when you try to be different? We have always supported the Box for at least trying something in the staid atmosphere. But really, it seems to be just a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cinema Society Heats Up

Only a few weeks after a Little Birdy declared the Cinema Society dead, it seems things with Andrew Saffir's film parties have taken a turn for the interesting. Last night, the Cinema Society's finest hit up Nobu 57 for the after party for "Then She Found Me", a movie that will be in theaters for a few weeks. Maybe. According to our Little Birdy, "the place was pretty star studded. Broderick, SJP, Seinfeld, Ricki Lake and Bette Midler were all there. Besides, who could pass up free Nobu?" Well, the sushi sounds OK, but those celebs seem a bit tired to us. Funny picture though. Aren't they a cute couple? Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Eric Goode Grabbing Magic Castle

Let's fly out to the Left Coast to discuss a juicy rumor from our friends at HotelChatter. It seems that New York hotelier Eric Goode has his eyes on the mysterious Magic Castle in the heart of Hollywood, and Sean MacPherson may not be part of it. So who is the replacement? According to HC, it may be New York City's own Serge Becker. What a tag team!

So what do we think? From our own experience, the Magic Castle is a one of a kind property, a proper magician's club with an established hotel already operating next to it, plus a sushi restaurant boasting one of a kind views across the Los Angeles sky. However, it has been rather down and out over the past decade. This project reeks of Goode/Macpherson; rehabbing an existing property and making it a destination, and the castle architecture could make it the next Chateau Marmont. Uh, maybe not that far. We are just surprised to see Becker possibly replacing MacPherson on this one. Hope everything is ok with the dynamic duo.

Ready, Set, Picnic Club!

The oh so mysterious, whimsical, and fanciful Picnic Club NYC checks to let us know that picnic season kicks off this weekend. Let's go to the announcement:

We have posted today the details for our first picnic, which will be this coming sunday, the 27th, at 1pm at Sheep Meadow. We think its going to be a big hit and hope that you can make it!
For more information, head on over to the site. And make sure you start working on your recipes today. No one wants no store bought hummus or doritos.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Soho Scoop

Is Soho finally rediscovering its inner nightlife? If Zev Norotsky and Company have their way, the answer is a resounding yes. Zev checks in, saying "I have a new lounge project called Origine (in the basement space of Fr.Og) opening on Spring b/w Crosby and Lafayette in early May, my partner is Matt Shendell (Dune, Honey, Dip). I have Ricky Powell (the 4th beastie boy) providing the images, for example an early, never before seen photo of the beastie boys and run dmc on a tour bus together during the mid-80's. Jarett Brodie (vong, aix) has been named executive chef of the restaurant upstairs called Fr.Og and we have a few high profile private dinner parties slated for the coming weeks. The concept is a very basic downtown lounge, I'm really trying to embrace the neighborhood and provide another nightlife option for that location.

Zev also points out that this helps give their valuable Dune customers a NYC option before they head out east to the Hamptons during the hot summer season. Hot! We always think that downtown can use another downtown lounge, so this is right in our wheelhouse. Origine is opening soon - we will keep you posted.

Smith and Mills Reduxe: Holy Bat Shit

Early Friday morning, we received several frantic emails regarding a possible raid at Smith and Mills. Later that morning, we received a copy of a letter to the local Community Board that our tipster (and Smith and Mills neighbor) submitted. Obviously there was some serious animosity between the two parties. Smith and Mills owner Matt Abramyck checked in with Grub Street (why not us?) on the matter with his neighbor Victoria Hillstron, saying “She has cornered my partner, yells at our staff, yells at our customers — she’s a real-life nightmare.”

You know Matt, you may be on to something. Because when we woke up on Saturday morning, our in box was filled with 14 raving emails from Ms. Hillstrom, some with blurry photos, some with crude videos, that accused Smith and Mills from arson to running away with the spoon. We seriously doubt any of these claims, and sincerely apologize for getting involved with this mess in the first place.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday DBTH

Finally, we would like to wish ourselves the happiest of birthdays. If anyone wants to celebrate, you just have to try and find us. Or buy us a table. You get the drift.

[Photo Credit]

Rick's Cabaret Eats Scores

Some news from the world of strip clubs. First they steal Lonnie Hanover. Now Rick's Cabaret, the only publicly listed gentleman's club, has purchased Scores Las Vegas for $21 million. Look at that picture. The Rick's life is pretty foreign looking.

Is it just us, or will there be more Rick's than Houstons soon? Nevermind.

Female Talent: The Recap

What a week! Who knew that our little poll experiment would draw so much attention? Certainly not us, but we aren't complaining. We though a nice way to end the week would be to recap some of our favorite comments and emails. Nifty idea, right? Right.

I think you left out a very key and important place..... Upstairs, how could you even have any of these places and not mention the Upstairs. by far it is much better than any of these other venues.

Richie A.

one who loves the highest quality female talent
Sorry Richie A. We will try harder next time. Promise. One reader thought:
I guess it all depends on what you like. If you want boring, vapid pretty girls with no personality, too much makeup, and priorities that revolve around blowing their way to the top, you can head to 1oak or upstairs, or marquee, or tenjune. But if you want girls that are actually capable of having a conversation, and our hot in that fresh faced, college type of way, I'd much rather head to a spot like Studio B. Shtooping dumb pretty girls has it's benefits, but some of these places just overdo it.
Tell us how you really feel. Finally, our favorite response came from our winner, Rose Bar, who responded to the great news by saying
This is NOT a confirmation.


We have received your reservation request; thank you for considering the Jade and Rose Bars at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

If we are able to accommodate you we will reply with a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Both bars begin daily service at 12 pm, with lunch being served until 3 pm.

Reservations are required after 9 pm.

Please note that the Rose Bar is closed on Sunday nights after 8 pm. Service is available in the Jade Bar only.

Thank you,

The Jade and Rose Bars at The Gramercy Park Hotel
New York City everyone. Catch the fever.

Smith and Mills Insanity!

Below is the transcript of a letter written by an upstairs neighbor of Smith and Mills. This fight is beyond nasty!

Dear Boards, Friends and Neighbors,

Many of you read the article "Bar Brawl" in The Post and hope you know this was a publicity stunt. Not a word of this story was true. As you know there would be no reason to "brawl" on N Moore. They were asked to move a Moped. Sanitation had been after for weeks.

I did write the Mayor because what they were doing had became dangerous. A danger to all of us. They had a fire and a history of fire. Our house could of burnt down. Our home is all 3 floors above them. They caught a womans coat on fire. Burning it to shreds. Had it been a few hours later there would have been many more coats and many more people. Someone could have been killed. That is why I wrote the Mayor. Packing so many people in and then lock themselves in with a look out to whistle when they see the Police. Police and Fire were not able to handle. Mostly because they tell so many stories. Somehow suggesting we were the only ones concerned. When all the neighbors had banded together to suspend their license suspecting their intent from the start.

These are the boys from Beatrice Inn. Sadly, no one investigated or even the press would have connected the dots long before printing this story. Explaining the reason for no sign. When it turns out it was as simple as googling Matt Abramcyk and Beatrice Inn all along. Since its no secret what they are up to in the media. It seems this had to do with their troubles at Beatrice Inn. Rather then anything that had happened here and their concerns for getting caught on both licenses.

We were told of "the neighbor" above Beatrice the day the story broke. Seems she got them in a world of trouble costing them a small fortune. They then paid her another fortune to move and leave her home. Then set out to make up these stories on us. All while the "Mayor's Task Force" was at Beatrice by thier own admission on google in an article "Beatrice Currently Shut Down to Everyone, Not Just You" at the very same time. For all of the same troubles we had with them here relating to soundspoofing, noise, issues of electrical & plumbing. Partying all over the streets till the wee hours. Having no regard for others or the law.

New York Magazine said they were taking the "offense" in an article "Smith and Mills Fights for Its Rights to Party". When both are on restaurant licenses but have no kitchens. Strangely all in basements. In our case now attempting to cook to pretend it to be a restaurant ruining everything we own. Since that building has no vent or exhaust. In fear of getting caught on both licenses. While Hipguide New York just illustrated thier reasoning and not one department has stepped in to stop them. When its a danger to all to of us.

Blackbook magazine's "STRAIGHT OFF THE HANGOVER BEATRICE INN COMES MATT ABRAMCYKS SMITH AND MILLS spoke to their intent from the start. While preying on residentials streets, where its neighbors are unsuspecting, then preying on its residents. On the most beautiful and relevant tree lined streets in Manhattan.

They even tried to arrest me, a resident of N Moore, for walking down the street. After being cited and fined by Police and Fire 3 times the week before. After throwing parties during fashion week for over 100 people in a single car garage and spilling on its streets. Waiting for me to innocently walk one day in one day and found it befitting to put a resident of an 8 bedroom home in handcuffs, over the word of a bar. Attempting arrest which failed. When they were caught lying to the officers by Annie, the Manager at Ivy's, demanding my release. Explaining to the officers they were lying. I was never told what I was accused or permitted to speak or even had my name and hope you can begin to grasp the brevity of how far they are willing to go in the name of thier folly.

They now are telling even taller tales on the Supreme Court. Asking it to somehow concern itself with our home. In a lawsuit only meant to further harass us. When I've not spoken to them or looked in thier direction for 7 months after the false attempt. Yet the very relief seek from the courts. Harassing us full on ever since the false attempt and more out of control then ever which finally led to fire. I had told the Police I would write the Mayor because his daughter is our neighbor. Her building could have burnt down too. This "sister" story was pure cinema. Still insisting we were the only ones this concerned. Because that is what these boys had told them. I suspect with the same counsel that handled their troubles at Beatrice.

After putting resident of an 8 bedroom home in handcuffs, breaking into our home, never having soundproofed the space because they have no money.

In a space simply too small for what they are doing. I hope you can understand why anyone would call the Police. Its dangerous. Since they can not sue us for calling 311 or writing the Mayor or calling the Police "anonymously" they invented these fairy tales on us and the courts and press. Trading on our notoriety on a pack of lies, they know full well to be a to lies themselves, holding us up on our own notoriety. When they never even paid us for the space, damaged our home from stem to stern and we are the only ones who suffered any harm what so ever.

To put a resident of N Moore in handcuffs or tell tall tales on the courts or break in anyones home in the name of a liquor license is completely and extremely serious. I'm not certain you can imagine what it would be like to have been preyed on because you were alone or harassed full on by boys in a bar. Afraid to leave your home in fear of what they will do next. Accused of stripping jackhammers from hotel construction workers in the press. Even accused of causing the hotel's delay in an attempt to give their false claim merit. Even trading on Robert Deniro's name in this lawsuit in an attempt to shop this story in the press which failed and ask that you lend your voices. Before we too in the words of Spencer Morgan of the Observer have "Bedlam at Beatrice" or others suffer harm too.
Holy camoly Birdys. This one is getting real nasty.

Hamptons are for Partners!

Can you believe it's almost May. It really is so close to summer share season! Yippee! In honor of the traffic on the LIE, we bring you this very special Hamptons report, with a Little Birdy saying:

David Sarner & Bobby Montwaid, the duo behind the Pink Elephant brand, have partnered with nightlife impresarios Pavan & Shaun Rose to take over the Tavern space in Southampton formerly occupied by Stereo. The group will now have control of the space in the Capri Hotel known as Pink Elephant as well as Tavern, consolidating power over two of the only three nightclubs in the Hamptons to one group. The space at the Capri will remain Pink Elephant and plans for Tavern haven't been revealed yet. With everyone from Tenjune, Kiss & Fly, and Greenhouse vying for the space, it will be interesting to see how things develop between now and Memorial Day…
Sure it smells of a press release, but it's so juicy that we don't really give a damn. As for who will get the space, maybe we smell a poll. Hmmm.

Raid at Smith & Mills

A Little Birdy filed this breathless report from Smith and Mills at 2:30 AM, saying

Hey Mayor Task force just moved in on Smith and Mills. All same troubles at Beatrice Inn. Turns out no broken bottles, no screaming get out. The construction delayed bc all nabes suspended their license May 06 thru April 07. About get nailed lying on supreme court. SLA about nail them too over license and putting its residents harms way.
All of this seems to add up to big trouble. Consider this developing.

[Photo Credit]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noah and Jason Live LAVO

Thanks to Lloyd Grove and a super long interview with Noah Tepperberg on Portfolio's website, we get a bit more information on Noah and Jason's upcoming Las Vegas project with Sammy Sass. You know, the one we told you about in January. Noah tells Lloyd

And now Jason, myself, Seth (Rodsky), Mark (Packer), and Rich (Wolf) have again partnered to open a new place in Las Vegas, which will be opening in about three months in the Palazzo hotel. It's a restaurant and a nightclub, rather large, and it's going to be called Lavo.
Fascinating stuff. Not only that, a Little Birdy tells us that it is designed by Avro/Ko. We look forward to it.

[Photo credit]

Sixpoint Ales Does Its Part

Sixpoint Craft Ales is steadily growing, expanding it's offering of delicious brews and outlets, all from the comfort of its Brooklyn manufacturing space. Not only that, they are trying to be as sustainable as possible. How so? Jeff Gorlechen from the Sixpoint promotions team fills us in, saying:

After being used for brewing beer, all of our spent grain is used to feed livestock on Long Island.

We buy used/recycled kegs, especially our 5 gallon soda kegs, which are normally thrown out for scrap. We also don't bottle our beer, so there's no wasteful packaging. We fill the kegs, ship them to our distributor, they get shipped back to us, then they are returned to us, then we clean and refill them, then ship them back out again.

We recycle the heat energy from the boiling process of the wort and use it to heat tap water for use in the next day’s brew.

All of our brewers take the subway to work ;-)
Truly great stuff Sixpoint. Keep up the great work!

Dear Rose Bar

To: Rose Bar; Syndicate PR
From: DBTH
Subject: Congratulations!

Dear Rose Bar,

We at Down By The Hipster would like to congratulate you on winning our first ever DBTH poll. With 52 votes cast out of a total of 195 , our readers have voted Rose Bar as having the most attractive female clientèle in New York City! YAY! It's not a majority, but it's not too shabby either. Obviously, your strategy is working, and we encourage you all to keep doing what you're doing.



PS: Please share this with Sir Ian. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rusty Knot: The Video

Behold, a video tribute to the Rusty Knot.

Dear DBTH: Female Talent Update

There are only 3 hours left to vote in the first ever DBTH poll! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Vote now or we will all cry. And for those of you who hated on Studio B being included, we are pleased to say it is holding its own.


Drama At the Accompanied Literary Society

Ever wonder what happens at a gala for the Accompanied Literary Society at a private townhouse in Gramercy Park? Apparently, people collapse and get taken out on a stretcher in front of Harvey Weinstein and Graydon Carter! Thanks to the beauty of BlackBerry messenger, DBTH gets a scoopy scoop.

Oh we oh my! That is so not good. This both makes and debunks the argument that these private clubs and societies should be courting younger members. Because what happens at the Accompanied Literary Society should stay at the Accompanied Literary Society.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear DBTH: Tube Top Tuesday!

Our readers sure do love to ask questions. And we love to ask you for answers. After a spirited debate about what to do on Wednesday nights, a reader asks:


Love your blog. What is good on Tuesday nights?

Thank you!
Most people would say The Real Housewives of New York, but we know that's not what you are looking for. So come on everybody, let's hear what's hot tonight. And don't say Tuesday's at Life with Danny A, because we know that ain't happening anymore.

DBTH Goes Green

In honor of Earth Day, we here at DBTH have asked some locals about to discuss what they do to promote sustainability. First up, William Tigertt from Freemans explains how one of our favorite spots keeps it green.

We have several Green initiatives at Freemans:

1. All deep fryer grease is recycled into Bio-Diesel.

2. All paper, glass, metal and cardboard is recycled. It's the law, but a lot of small places just dump it for lack of space and effort.

2. 60% of our power comes from Wind and hydro green providers (we're still working on finding vendor for the other 40% - high voltage meter)

3. Our house brand bottled water comes from Maine in re-usable bottles that are sent back and re-filled.

4. Our wine list is mostly European which is uses less energy to mass ship via freighter than trucking wines from California or shipping from Australia. The bulk of our list is also bio-dynamic or organic wine from small estate bottled traditional producers.

5. Our eggs are all organic. Our diary is growth hormone free. We use mostly local producers and labor such as Heritage Foods pork which slaughters 1000 pigs a year versus 1000 pigs a day at large commercial farm.

6. Many of the building materials at Freemans are from reclaimed wood and recycled antiques

7. We keep a small potted garden outside in the Alley which is used for herbs and maintained by local community gardener.

We're constantly looking for new ways to reduce our footprint despite being such a busy neighborhood place.
All excellent measures, keeping the food delicious with a minimal impact on the environment. Just like us. Stay tuned for more.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear DBTH: Female Talent

A reader says:

A friend recently told me that in his opinion, rose bar attracts the most beautiful women, out of all the NYC nightlife venues. It will be interesting if you guys asked the readers' for their thoughts on the places with the highest quality female talent.
Great topic for discussion. So great that we have created the first ever DBTH reader poll. Just look to the right and you will be able to cast your vote(s). The bars were selected randomly without much thought, so if you have another selection, throw it in the comments. The winner gets nothing, participants may get something. Probably not.

Blogging For a Flogging: Greenwich Hotel

Looky what's back? The Flogging. Its been a while since we've been naughty, but when we are bad, we need to be punished. Now that the Greenwich Hotel and Ago are open to the (paying) public, David Rockwell and his firm have gotten a lot of credit and praise for the design. Undeserved credit, as Rockwell really had nothing to do with the exceptional work. It's time to set the record straight.

We’d like to set the record straight on the proper design credits for Robert De Niro’s new Greenwich Hotel and Ago restaurant. While Rockwell Group originally developed a proposal for the site, those plans were abandoned over 4 years ago. Our firm, Grayling, designed the new building’s exterior, Ago restaurant, all of the Greenwich Hotel’s public spaces and guest corridors and one of the duplex suites (the other duplex suite was done by Rockwell Group).

The building has a rich and detailed creative story that unfolded over several years and involved many talented people (Samantha Crasco, Mikio Shinegawa, Paul Alter of Skolnick Architects, Matt Markowitz). It would be a shame not to give proper credit where it belongs.
We couldn't agree more and apologize for the mistake. In fact we had already discussed this way back when. But let the world know, Grayling did the work, and they did a heck of a job.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flyer Follies: Pacha

A Little Birdy sent us this flyer for Pacha and remarked, "didn't know this place was still open." Ouch. Come on LB, Pacha won 2007/2008 AOL Ctyguide Best Dance Club and 2007/2008 Club World Awards: Best Superclub. They don't just give those out to anyone.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trophy Bar & the Liquor License

Ever wonder what the process is to get a full liquor license in New York City? Here's your chance to learn. Similar to being arrested, you submit some mug shot type photos and a set of finger prints. For example, the owners of the soon to open Trophy Bar posted their shots on Myspace. The things we do to open a business.

How Jason Pomeranc Does His Thing

How does Jason Pomeranc build and manage multiple hotels across the country, run an office, handle his investors, and look so good doing it? What is his secret? His Blackberry. Of course! Of course! Ah.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Flyer Follies: Wednesday Night Winner

A reader asked, and our readers answered. Bunny Chow at Cain is apparently the hottest thing going right now, with GoldBar, Upstairs (late night), and of course, Beatrice Inn all getting mentions. Now go out and drink!

Employees Only Means Employees Only

Employees Only has had a great reputation as a chill place to show up with friends, kick back and enjoy a few drinks. But are those days finished? According to a Little Birdy, the answer is a resounding YES! LB says:

this happened over the weekend and needs to be printed...

i went to employees only on Friday night for a drink with friends after a great dinner in the west village. we were meeting some other people there- happened to be all girls and we were a mixed party. it was raining and when we got there and there was no line. the bouncer said they were having a private party. classic bullshit line- i expect that treatment on 27th street, but not at employees only. we called his bluff then he asked if we had a reservation. we said no, because we didn't, but also added that we had never made a reservation to get a drink at employees only in the years we had been going there and lived in the area. he said we were obviously lying. right. we called his bluff again and he said it was just too crowded inside. the girls we were with could go in, but the guys couldn't. as this transpired, no less than 25-30 people left the bar (mostly guys) and they were still turning people away at the door- even just girls. we had it and went to the other room, which was great. since when did employees only develop that kind of attitude? i will never go back.
We're sorry LB, we really don't know what this world is coming to. So Employees Only - what is your excuse? Please let us know.

Antik Keeps The Bar Hidden

Antik has been up and running for a few weeks now, and besides the opening night event, things at the retooled Bowery lounge has been pretty quiet. Well, we heard they were booked for a pretty important birthday party last Friday night and things didn't go so well. A Little Birdy checks in and confirms the rumors, saying:

Went to Antik on Friday night for my friend's bday. She took the upstairs over for the night. It was really fun bc it was all our friends but i think people got a bit annoyed with the whole drink situation. They wouldn't let you order from the window/bar at the front only from the waitresses walking around which didn't come by often enough.

The venue should be happy bc she brought a good crowd of a ton of big name models, marisa tomei, jamie burke, may anderson, few guys from the strokes etc, but the people running it were trying to be all velvet rope dbag when everyone there was there for this private party. not sure why they had to act all too cool at the door, it was a bit annoying. party was fun and our friends were djing so music was good. but the place cleared out fairly early which i assume was because of the drink situation. its real comfortable, lots of tables and places to sit. if they could hire a few more waitresses i think it would be a good spot to host a party.
Slow drink delivery is not a good way to run a cocktail lounge, which goes back to our original theory. It takes more than a bar and a cocktail menu to run a proper lounge. Interaction with the bartenders, seeing the bottles and conversation with knowledgeable servers is how you run a lounge. This is apparently a mess.

Taking It All Off For the Bull

So what can you really expect if you head over to Johnny Utah's super amazing, insanely fun Monday night party? Well, if you're Guest of a Guest , it's two girls taking off their clothes and double teaming the bull. Wowsa. Those gossiping fools get all the breaks.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dear DBTH: Wednesday Night Fun

It's been a long time since we played Dear DBTH, in which our faithful readers ask us questions that we in turn put to you, our faithful readers. May the circle be unbroken. In today's edition, a reader asks:

Dear DBTH,

What's the best place for wed nights?
As always, answers are welcome in the comments and over the birdy wire.

Anyone Want (to represent) Some Box?

Even after one LB's proclamation that the Box is still smoking hot, we come to find that all may not be well at the pseudo vaudeville club on Chrystie Street. According to an in the know Little Birdy, Simon and the boys are having some behind the scenes trouble. Apparently they can't find an attorney to represent them! In New York! OMG! Our LB says, "The Box maybe not so hot actually. i hear they are looking for new representation. nobody will take them though b/c they are such a disaster -- girls being kidnapped and raped outside, celebs stopped going, and simon is a complete mess." But is he a hot mess? Or just trannie fierce? Jk. Anyway, if any of you eager beaver attorneys want to break into the business of nightlife litigation, make a bee line to the Box with a box of business cards. We smell an opportunity.

Pumping Up the Greenwich Hotel

Celebrity owners, celebrity fueled Italian restaurants, starchitects, and hand crafted bricks, it seems that Robert De Niro and Co. newly opened Greenwich Hotel had just about everything going for it. So as opening day approached, those of us who had been closely tracking the project were anxiously awaiting a chance to get inside and see what the fuss was about. But we (and every other website) was basically denied, with PR and staff saying the first look had been promised to an international publication. Turns out it was just a page in this month's Vanity Fair which spouts what all of you already know, hand-cut bricks, the corked ceiling Ago, pricey suites and all that jazz. One interesting point - all of the lobby art you see behind Bobby D. was painted by his late father. From what you can see, the place does look pretty sweet. David Rockwell and his team certainly delivered the goods, but it seems that we won't be getting inside to see for ourselves any time soon.

For more frustrating fun, check out their revamped website which offers a few glimpses of what up to $1300 will get you.

All images courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Everyone Gets A Trophy Bar

An invititation came into the Birdy Feeder last week for a fashion event to be held later this week (more to come on that later of course). After doing a quick scan, the location popped out at us - hmmm, Trophy Bar. Trophy Bar. What is Trophy Bar? Well, it turns out it is a brand new space that is about to have its grand debut this Friday night in mighty might Brooklyn. For some additional details, we go to their Myspace page, which reads:

Stay Gold Gallery is pleased to present TROPHY – a unique nightlife destination in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Trophy is presenting the newest musicians and DJ’s from around the world in a beautiful and welcoming environment featuring beautiful drinks and great music.

Trophy offers a selection of 8 beers on draught, a concise wine list, and full liquor collection, with an emphasis on Tequila and Whiskey. The cocktail menu will offer signature drinks such as the Loving Cup, Goblet, Strongman, Bakelite and Runner Up. In addition to drinks, Trophy will offer a light menu of grilled sandwiches.

Located under the elevated train in Williamsburg, the musical rumble of the train and turn-of-the-century construction set the tone for the interior space. Exposed brick, subway tile, dark wood, cozy lounge areas, and vintage trophies accentuate the building’s pre-war architecture. Trophy’s design is a contemporary nod to the neighborhood and its history, and the multi-use space will serve as both neighborhood bar and cultural establishment. Trophy also features a 700 sq ft back garden, which will be used jointly as a sculpture garden and beer garden. Exhibits will change quarterly.
Trophy is from the Stay Gold Gallery team from the Billy, and will feature a carefully curated jukebox, live DJ sets and the like. Official address is 351 Broadway, right underneath the J Mofo Z. Tell the Good Doctor hello when you get to the hood.

Monday, April 07, 2008

VIP or Not VIP @ Upstairs

And now, fresh off a still chilly Spring weekend in New York, a faithful Little Birdy files a report filled with celebrity sightings, bottle service and dancing from Upstairs. We ask that you not confuse it with Downstairs, the late night diner that most people will never go to. And now, for our LB:

went to Upstairs last night (I know, I know, it's probably passe for LB). Met up with friends at mercbar first, and as we're walking to Upstairs, low and behold I spot chase crawford out of the corner of my eye--black sports jacket, black pants, blue eyes..etc. Then he turns the corner and gone. So we get to Upstairs--getting in the front door was easy bc a friend had dropped god knows how much for a table (bottle service...really, Wayne?...eugh). this got us into the "ultra vip" roped off area to the right of the DJ. we start pouring some drinks and dancing, until I realize (you must know where this is going), chase crawford is right behind me. I think i even spotted Michelle Trachtenberg out of the corner of my eye at their corner table. then, because I actually wanted to dance (shocking thing to do at a club, i know), I stepped out of the "ultra vip" section, only to try to make my way back in later and find myself faced with a *huge* bouncer in front of the "ultra vip" steps. I swear, the only word in the english language that he knew was "NO." I convinced him to let me in only when I told him I was getting my coat to leave--which I promptly did. although entertaining, having a celebrity in a club makes everything 10 times more difficult than it needs to be.
Hmmph. How rude! We certainly feel your pain, paying good money to be told by a security guard you cannot get back to your table. Bastards! That'll teach all of you, never, ever go dance. Ever.

What Are You Wearing Today?

Ever wonder what you look like every day for an entire year? Either did we. But someone sure did. Thanks to our friend at A Continuous Lean, "'What Are You Wearing Today' by photographer Sidney Lo. The presentation documented Sidney’s outfit through self portraits, everyday for an entire year." Capitvating and stylish ta boot!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Quick Hits: Hot, Hot Box, Varvatos Parties Down & More

It's Friday. You're probably a little groggy from going out last night. You're eyes are blurry and blood shot, and they can only stay open for a few seconds to read this. We'll make it fast. Quick Hits! Qui Qui Qui Quick Hits!

1. One of our favorite Little Birdy's checks in to let us know that after all this time, the Box is indeed still going strong, saying "nice surprise performance by Mos Def at isnt burnt out yet." Scandalous! Our LB also lets us know that Kiss and Fly is apparently kicking some ass, saying "saturdays hv been hot". Indeed.

2. Some secret things have been going on behind the plywood at the new John Varvatos store on the Bowery. A LB reports, "I saw a gaggle of pretty young things leaving the new Varvatos store (old CBGB) on Wednesday night. It looked like they were having a small party or something." How fun.

3. What's up with Steve Lewis trying to pigeon hole Jayma Cardosa during his gripping 3 part interview? Mr. Lewis repeatedly refers to the co-owner as "the consummate Bottle Host", despite her partners telling him that she is doing a bit more than that. Give the lady some respect. [GNML]

New York Gets a Picnic Club

New York City has all kinds of clubs. Now it may really have them all. Introducing the Picnic Club, "a members-only club dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the classic picnic". When we first heard it, we really didn't believe it, so we reached out to them to get the skinny. Here's what club founders Allison and Mike told us:

This is 100 percent real. We are planning to have our inaugural picnic in early May. The date and location have already been selected, and we will post the information
on our blog about a week before.

We have carefully selected content for our blog which we will post every few days between now and the announcement date.

We think that New Yorkers need to spend more time outside and think there is no better way to achieve this goal than to organize picnics. It is very much an underground, word of mouth, grassroots type operation but one that we feel could fundamentally change weekend afternoon activity in NYC and eradicate the misery that New Yorkers sometimes experience when they have a case of the Sunday Blues.

We want this project to have a very lighthearted, egalitarian feel, and we can't wait to meet everyone. The goal is simple, the execution even simpler--come to our picnics, bring food and drinks, and have a great time meeting other like-minded people.
Sounds pretty real to us. Unlike a few others, this is one members club we may have to join. Just don't ask us to bring potato salad.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Flyer Follies: Double Trouble Thursday

Did you think we were going a whole week without Flyer Follies? You must be crazier than AstraGirl and Steve Lewis combined. A Double Dose coming up. Let's see. P.I.N.K. and Vitamin Water are sorta the JMZ going into Bushwick. And the Delancey Lounge is Midtown. And the L Train may not exist. This party is seriously messed up. But open bar on the Delancey Roof from 6-7 while it's 49 and sunny.
Angels and ____. This one is almost too easy. Read the fine print and you see Trump Vodka is bringing the flavor tonight, so you know you are dealing with the finest ingredients, the hardest glass bottles, the classiest labels, and really bad vodka club sodas.

The Return of Sunset Beach

It's April 3. All of you must have your Hamptons houses booked for the summer already, right? Of course you do. Wait, what's that? You don't have your Hamptons house booked? Not even a quarter or half share? OMG. What r u going 2 do?

Don't panic. Don't cry. DBTH and AB Hotels have your solution. Sunset Beach is poised to open for the 2008 season. It's like Paradise Hotel 2, but on the beach in Shelter Island. Book all of your weekends now!

Cinema Society Snoozefest

Has the luster worn off the Andrew Saffir's Cinema Society? After Monday's screening of Smart People at the Landmark and requisite dinner and party at the Bowery Hotel, one Little Birdy tells us, "Pretty much done with the Cinema Society events. The movies aren't really that good, and the parties aren't fun anymore." We feel really sorry for you LB, always being forced to attend free screenings and then getting having to go to a hotel for dinner and drinks. Waaaaa. Waaaaaa. Us here at DBTH like almost anything that's free. Invite us. Yeah!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ding Dong! Nicolette Goes to Suzie Wong's

The results are unanimous. Our newest contributor Nicolette is a certified hit! One reader went so far to write, "I want more Nicolette and the City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well, we want it too. And finally, we have it. Nicolette checked out Suzie Wong's and then booked it to old standby, Pink Elephant. Without further ado. . .I arrived at Suzie Wong’s, the new sake lounge on West 27th street, fairly early – 11:30 p.m. There wasn’t a line which was great, and I walked right in. There are a lot of VIP tables here but none are roped off, and the place is pretty small – which I love. The smaller the place the better. There is only one bar and wherever there isn’t a table, or on top of the banquette, is the unofficial dance floor. Peter and his friends showed up around 12ish and we danced and mingled at their table. When they bring you bottles they also give you fortune cookies to go with their oriental theme. My friend Cristina’s fortune cookie read “Suzie Wong Says: Don’t be afraid to go to the bathroom with a stranger” and Sue’s read “Suzie Wong says: Kiss the person next to you passionately”. Pretty corny but kind of cute, and it does help with potential hooking up at 3:00 a.m. We had complimentary apple sake shots that aren’t strong so the price was right. DJ Nick Cohen spinned hip hop and rock (what else?) all night, and the crowd was 25 and under. A lot of fun, and I would definitely go back. But it cleared out early.

Since it was only 1:30, we went to Pink Elephant and met some friends who had a table. I love Pink Elephant! I always have the best time here! The only real competition this club has is Pink Elephant in The Hamptons, which makes Pink Elephant in Manhattan seem like an amateur’s night out.

We walked in and the place was packed. They play house, house with a few words in it and then some more house. Everyone was dancing, drinking, and going crazy, making Suzie Wong seem like an elementary school playground. There are always a lot of people here and most importantly - a lot of hot people. I’ve spotted a few celebs here before, and in the Hamptons I’ve hung out at John Legend’s table and danced next to Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova. Everyone here has money and the Euro scene is big, but not as big as it use to be. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to Europe or aren’t fluent in any other language - Drinking & Dancing is universal in any language in any city.

The night was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Pink is still strict door, rude bouncers, and a little bit older (I’m 21, excluding the underage models, I was the youngest person here). But once you’re in, feel free to let loose because everyone is having fun- a lot of it.

Mansion: Definitely Definitely Ous't

It was just six weeks ago that we basically declared Mansion to be ous't. Some disagreed. But we stand by our call. After a few months, the proof is now in the pudding. A very tall Little Birdy passed along this once in a lifetime offer from the fine folks from TONY, which proclaims:

We know. The weekend's just ended, but you're already thinking about your next night out.

Luckily, TONY Nightlife+ is here to help you in the planning. The free service brings Time Out New York listings and more to your mobile device. We're giving away 200 spots on the guestlist for the new ultra lounge Mansion New York (530 W 28th St between 10th and 11th Aves) this Thursday, April 3 with free admission for 100 lucky TONY Nightlife+ users and a friend. Just sign in or join TONY Nightlife+, then click the link to add Mansion to your favorite venues by Wednesday at noon.

Plus, start adding friends to your profile and you'll automatically be entered into a competition to win one of five copies of the new "Sessions" double CD by legendary DJ and Detroit-based techno producer Carl Craig. The more friends you add by Wednesday, the more chances you'll have to win.

All winners will be notified on Thursday morning.
We don't know how anyone who enters can wait until Wednesday to find out if they won. Long Island and North Jersey's ERs are on alert, waiting for noth the winners and the losers. No offense to Time Out (who we love!), but seriously, this ultra lounge/danceateria/whatever has only been open a few months and is already resorting to magazine promotions. Not good. Not good at all.

Stick a fork in it. Mansion is Ous't.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day Fall Out

We had a lot of fun with our little April Fool's Day jokes. Our targets, GNML and GofG had some fun with them too. That's nice of them. Like every April Fool's Day, some people just don't get the joke. Take this IM we had last night with an acquaintance of Steve Lewis:

Super Cool Blogger: so steve called you or what? pls tell and don't be gay about
DBTH: oh the interview? that was an april fools joke too. DUH
Super Cool Blogger: you're kidding - omg i hate you
Super Cool Blogger: you're kidding
omg i hate you! you would do that, you are like that kid that got SOOO into april fools day i was like "wtf"
omg did you make up the blogging thing that steve said??
DBTH: hahahahaah
Super Cool Blogger: hahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa
DBTH: sorry dude
Super Cool Blogger: omg i am super impressed!
your points are at ultimate high
though may be from the endorphins i have from my workout
i was DYING when i read that, brilliant
DBTH: thanks
Super Cool Blogger: wow
DBTH: you know this is getting posted tomorrow
Super Cool Blogger: what that it was a joke
DBTH: no this im
Super Cool Blogger: marv
Silly Super Cool Blogger. Try not to be so gullible.

Hey Everyone, Meet Guest of a Guest!

So, our so-called friends at Guest of Guest decided that just because we like baseball, all of a sudden we aren't cool. Well, that hurts. It really, really hurts. So even though we said we would never reveal who GofG is because that would be the act of a child, we changed our mind. So meet Guest of a Guest. That's her up there at a local bake sale back home. Her name is Jenny Witherspoon, she is from Indiana, went to Purdue, and is an environmental engineer here in New York. How earthy! She loves pop culture and socialites, so she got some friends together and decided to start her little website. Anonymous blogging kept you from knowing her, but we decided it's time to see her smiling face. She keeps us entertained all day and we are happy to call her our friend. Say hi Jenny, and please keep reading both of our sites!

Steve Lewis Chats Up DBTH

Ever since nightlife scion Steve Lewis partnered with the good folks at JoonBug on Goodnight Mr. Lewis, we had been getting requests through intermediaries to do an interview. Finally, we relented on one condition. We got to run a sneak preview of it here first on our little site.

Steve Lewis:
When I was coming up during the day, working with Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager at Studio 54, they told me that they had an idea for doing something with computers that would sort of be an online diary. And I had all of this peanut butter in my mouth, a whole mouth full of peanut butter, and when I tried to speak, the only noise I could get out was "brahg". And Steve Rubell, who was a genius, said to me, "yes a blog. That is exactly what I'm talking about. A blog." And so we actually came up with blogging then and there. And when I was running Life, I was doing everything, the door, the music, the design, making drinks, hailing cabs, blogging, the servers, and dancing. And that is sort of like Down By The Hipster, which I respect.

DBTH: Well, there is a group of people helping out, and all of the readers, so it's tough to say that one person really does everything, but we understand the comparison.

SL: When I did the door, I learned from the best. The best. And so when I blog and when someone like Rosie blogs, you know you are going to get some nouns, some verbs, some adjectives. Those are all some of the best parts of grammar. And you mix them together and create a successful sentence. And when I was running Life, you really only got a noun, but the noun was the best one with all different letters. So your posts are sort of like me naming the club Life.

Well, we do write about Danny A, and apparently he was a really big deal at Life, so we can see the connection. But in other ways, they really aren't anything alike.

SL: Now, when I ran Life, we really only made money at the bars. These days you can make money with the tables, which I invented, and which are like little tiny bars. And by reading Down By The Hipster, which I haven't read by the way but I hear is great and doing all those things with the posts and the stories and pictures, it seems like you not only have the bar, the main point of sale, but also tables that are the second point of sale. So it's like your running your blog like I would have run a club, like Life, when I was still doing that.

DBTH: Yeah, well, we try our hardest to run this like a business, and we cover nightclubs, so you can definitely see the similarities.

That is just a little taste of what you will be seeing tomorrow on Goodnight Mr. Lewis. We thank Steve for taking the time to interview us and look forward to a long friendship.