Monday, March 31, 2008

Flyer Follies: A Cannon Full of Butter

OMG Butter! OMG Nick Cannon! OMG Butter and Nick Cannon! OMG OMG OMG.

Trouble on the Strip

The credit crisis has struck again. This week's victim is the Crown Las Vegas project, which was supposed to be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, but will no longer be built. Judging by the building design (vibrator anyone?), architecture fans will not be too sad, but what does it mean for John Q. Tourist? As the economy continues to soften, expect American's leisure travel to decline by the end of the year. Unlike the boutiques of Manhattan, Las Vegas is a bit too far for the average Londoner or other European to get away to for the weekend. Asian gamblers now have numerous options in Macao. Result? The desert resorts will surely suffer from a lack of visitors, share values will drop and a developer looking to get a chunk of land on the strip for cheap will pounce on a site like this and try and capitalize during the next boom. Scary times ahead for the hospitality industry. Scary times indeed.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mixing It Up With Muxtape

What's got all the little kiddies going crazy this week? Muxtape. That's right, Muxtape, the online mix tape website that recently launched and has quickly become the Tumblr for music. Now all you hipsters and wanna be DJ's can create an account, upload your songs, and send it along to your friends. We have quickly become obsessed and figured we would share it with you, because it's Friday, and that means Fun Day.

On the Circuit: Converse 1Hundred Artists

Last night, those crazy kids from Converse (and Radar) decided to throw a little shimmy to celebrate their 1Hundred initiative, bringing artists from around the world together to fight HIV/AIDS. Good cause. Good party. The Open House Gallery on Mulberry Street was the spot, with Thurston Moore manning the decks for the first few hours. Heinekens and vodka were the drinks, and the space was set up for a user friendly experience, with party goers able to grab a marker and contribute their own drawings various walls and chucks scattered throughout the space. It allowed everyone to express deep hidden feelings and words that people are normally too reserved to share with the public. Or it mainly helped keep everyone away from the bars and food. Probably the latter.

Anyway, the party was really quite fun. And it was for a good cause. And a lot of people got to take home Converse. So we say huzzah.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Hits: Bowery Electric Soft Open

Bowery Electric, the new bar in the former Remote Lounge space, had its friends and family soft open last night. The official public opening is next week. The bar, which is owned by Mike Stuto of HiFi and Jesse Malin and Johnny T of Niagara and Black and White, broke out a velvet rope and clipboard mafia to keep the public out, a sign of what the Bowery has become. Sigh. Anywhoo, first reports have the space sparsely decorated, with a simple black and white motif inside. There are a few table spaces with wrap around banquet type seating arrangements, but judging from their other joints, this will definitely be a place to come and drink. What else would you want? Holla.

Photo Credit

The P's and Q's of Beatrice Inn

With all the recent hullabaloo over the reopening of Submercer and it's door policy, we thought we would remind everyone of a little place on West 12th Street that's got a pretty tough door of its own. While Submercer and Rose Bar offer an email address to plead your case, the Beatrice Inn offers you nothing. You are either on Angelo's list or you are not. And if you are, we remind you to respect the rules of the bathroom, which we have included in the image above. And if you can't, well you'll just have to find somewhere else to dance.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DBTH Business Opportunities

Quick note. Down By The Hipster has recently joined the Blog Ads Network. For advertising opportunities, click that fancy link at the top right of the screen or here to learn more.

That is all.

Flyer Follies: Armani Exchange Does WMC

It's Winter Music Conference time in Miami, and the flyers are, well, flying in. Above is our invitation to the AX/Sirius Penthouse, which is pretty standard, except for the sheer volume of sponsors for this one event. We count 14, which may be a record for one little event. Strength in numbers, we suppose.

André Balazs' Not Doing 14th Street

Contrary to popular opinion, the three apartment buildings at 320-324 West 14th Street are not being converted into an André Balazs owned hotel. How do we know? Well, because we do. (What's up dude? What's up?) Anyway, a Little Birdy confirmed this, saying "The rumors about the Balazs hotel are completely false. The Icon Development Group said there is no deal for any hotel. They plan to convert them to condos." There you have it. The apartments stay.

· Is This the Site of André Balazs' Next Hotel? [Curbed]

Getting In: Submercer vs Rosebar

The return of Submercer, the private lounge beneath the Mercer Hotel, downtown has yet another impossible door. How impossible? Well, the Grub Streeters tried to get a reservation and received this response:

Thank you for your interest in the subMercer. Due to limited capacity, the subMercer is reservations only. Kindly let us know the time and date of your requested reservation, the number of people you wish to bring, your full contact information, and your relationship to the subMercer. Unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate requests, but we will notify you within 24 hours if it is possible to confirm your desired reservation.

Thank you
We aren't sure how anyone is related to a lounge, but it seems fair enough. But what strikes us is that this simple response goes way beyond what the reservationists at Ian Schrager's Rose Bar offer up. We can't tell you how many emails we get, begging us on tips to get inside the Gramercy Hotel's lounge, including this oldie but goody:
Any tips on scoring a reservation at rose bar? They never seem to respond to emails.
See, Submercer isn't that tough - at least they give you a fighting chance to make your case. If you haven't gotten inside Rose Bar, chances are, you just won't.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inside The Rusty Knot

Behold! A Continuous Lean supplies some quality images from the Rusty Knot, Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer's much discussed and admired nautical bar on the West Side Highway. ACL says, "What we found when we arrived was pleasant (granted we went fairly early and on a Monday) and accommodating. No huge crowds, no bridge and tunnel. I suspect everyone in the bar was a blogger of some sort. At least from the quantity of coverage the “dive bar” has been receiving, that would be a logical assumption. We quickly managed to score one of the wooden booths (faux wood carvings and all) and got to work on some very well made Dark N’ Stormys served in tiki glasses. The menu was limited, but very well done." Here, here!

But what follows is really the perfect description, "I like to think of it more as working-class meets Threes Company. I was expecting to see Mr. Roper hanging out at the bar." Go and knock on their door.

Dark N' Stormy in a Tiki Glass

Bar food.

All photos courtesy of A Continuous Lean

Las Vegas Legal Tussle

Fresh off the recent raid of the PURE offices, the Las Vegas nightlife scene is preparing to deal with yet another legal battle. A Little Birdy writes, "As crazy as it gets in NYC nightlife, Vegas still manages to take up the ante with the drama. Clubplanet's parent company is suing Angel Music Group who does parties at the MGM for $90 million. Charges include assault, death threats, stealing of employees and clients, etc." How do they know all of this? Well, blogger extraordinare Robin Leach has the scoop, breathlessly covering the matter in his Luxe Life blog. However, the post was so long and convuluted that we just gave up. We are asking one of you to keep us abreast of the situation - our heads hurt.

Late Night Chang Sauce

Momofuku Ssam bar, lauded for its great food served late into the night, has quietly shrunken it's late night menu. A visit on a recent Tuesday shows that the late night menu is, in fact, rather limited. Gone are most of the delicious menu items that require lengthy prep time, including the now banished dinner ssam burrito. What is available are items from the cold stations, hams, bread and butter, and some line items like pork buns etc that are lined up and only require assembly. It's disappointing that all of the items aren't available after 11, but don't fear, this limited late night menu is only in place from Sunday to Wednesday - after which the full menu, with all of its glorious Chang sauce, returns until closing. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rusty Knot Makes Good Party

We loved, loved, loved our first visit to the Rusty Knot. Good food, good music, good vibe. Just good. But in case you don't believe us, a Little Birdy filed a report, saying " I was at RK last night for the after party for Run Fat Boy Run (Ed. Note: Last Thursday) and wanted to let you know the food was great, I sampled some meat pies, potato croquettes, coke a cola ribs, bbq shrimp, chick pea spread on a crouton, and a rocking Scottish egg. I was really impressed with the place but I am big on nautical themes, someone I was there with though said it reminded them of a bar on the Jersey shore." Sounds delicious, and since the the bar is on the river, we have to think that your friend's feeling means the design is doing it's thing. Thanks for the report.

Commenter Intel: Antik

Antik, the new semi-speakeasy on the Bowery just opened last week, and already the place is generating all sorts of reviews by our faithful readers. What say thee - commneters?

· WTF?? You cant get a drink in this place to save your life. Couldn't find a waitress and there is definitely no bar for patrons. Only for waitresses if you were lucky enough to find one. Found out later today when I was talking to some friends that this place doesn't have a liquor license or something and that's why you won't find a bar in Antique. Anyway not sure where those models were, but if they would have been there I might have been able to stay around longer and die of thirst!

· This place sucks, definitely not hipster or cool. The people are whack, service is horrible, and models?? Who are they kidding? Obviously they are writing their own good comments on here.

· I'm so sick of these "speak easies" that are being rolled out one after another. Would you like a honey infused, peppermint, pomegranate, ginger, fizz????!!
Ouch, ouch and more ouch. That is not the way to open up. Because this is the site of a former bar, we are pretty sure that they are properly licensed. But it does seem like they are operating Kings Cross and Antik as two bars with cross access. We obviously need more information, and we think we know the right person.

Friday, March 21, 2008

An Evening At: Submercer

Ah Submercer. We missed you buddy. In the door, past Simonez, down the elevator, down the hall, make a left, through the door, in the door on the right, down the hall, and through the door. Got it? Good. Walk inside and there you have it. Submercer.

It's still small, it's still smoky, and it's still fun. That's right. Fun. The night was a celebration of Radar Entertainment's merger with Plug, and celebrate we did. Albert Hammond Jr.(the Strokes - Duh) manned the music for the early part of the evening, mixing in classic rock, 80's dance, and 60's soul expertly. No BS, everyone was having a great time. Drinks, dancing, cigarettes, whatever. It was good.

So it's back. Submercer is back. But good luck getting in. This door is guaranteed to be tough.

PS - Astragirl - there is your Submercer post. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

Quick Hits: Springtime Edition

Holy crap what a week. We better do something fast before it's over. Quick Hits fast. Quick HITS. ARGH!

1. The people love Nicolette. That's great, because so do we. She ain't going anywhere. One reader emailed to say: "Thank you thank you thank you for introducing us to the gloriousness that is Nicolette. Have been lapping up her blog this morning. Saw you just put up a post on her visit to this Touch place but based on careful perusal over the last couple of hours I think there's a lot of other stuff out there that's pure. genius. and deserves a spot on your homepage." Much more to come.

2. Some intial reviews of Antik are in, and we aren't sure what to make of it. One Little Birdy told us it was "a shit show", but a commenter says, "I was there last night and there is definitely a bar, and a lot of models . The place although is incredible small. I think you should send Nicolette there on a recon mission and watch her mingle. This could make for a great new reality show." That may be a good idea. But it's now property of DBTH.

3. Our friends at Freemans Sporting Club are having a sale this weekend. Cheap expensive stuff is always fun, so go get some.

The Beginning of the Beginning

Hey everyone. DBTH here. Yesterday was a pretty exciting day around these parts. You probably didn't read it, but we happen to get a little bit of publicity that wasn't really expected. In fact it was pretty much out of left field. But then again, so is the writer, Ben Leventhal. That's him up there, with his partner, Lockhart Steele (real name). And together they manage the Curbed/Eater empire. Not a bad gig.

It was just last Thursday that we were all invited guests for the opening of the Rusty Knot. We even spent some QT together, buying Lock a beer and watching his murse for hours. But while we enjoyed ourselves, Lil BL secretly seethed, desperate to know why anyone dared challenge his authority as the ultimate insider. But the anger and fear is justified. Sitting in that lonely FiDi apartment, seeing Grub Street, Guest of a Guest, and just about everyone else with access to the internet scoop him must drive him batty. Pinkberry, Momofuku and Shake Shack couldn't open enough locations to keep him on the inside. Frank Bruni only only takes him on review dinners every so often. So what is he to do?

There was just one solution. Kill the threat. So BenBen dropped the froyo coverage for a bit and became an infantile gossip to out us - hoping the publicity would make us go away. He then let us know:

"for what it's worth, steele and i worked this one together, which is to say that it wasn't done willy-nilly."
Well that's a relief. And you know we love teamwork. He then followed with some of the wisest words ever typed:
"anyway, it what it is. i just gave you more explanation that any one else gets, because you're a friend. don't do the blog if you can't be the guy."
That's so sweet of you. Really we're touched.

And to think, this is just a hobby. A labor of love if you will. No book deals and no JV's. We never ask for anything and don't get paid. We work hard to bring you this site and think we do a pretty good job. Traffic is growing (see graph), we found a great new contributor, and contrary to Ben's worthless opinion, no one here has tired of the grind. Usually that happens after 3 years, right buddy?

We're just gonna keep on plugging away, one post at a time. That's how we do.

Have a great weekend,


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Antik Opens Tonight

Antik is open for business as of tonight - if you are on the invite list that is - and according to reports, there is no bar in the joint. Customers will be ordering all drinks from cocktail servers who will then pop back to a service bar where they will be made.

Weird concept, since patrons who enjoy cocktails also enjoy speaking to the knowledgeable mixologists who create them. Call us crazy, but this is probably the final nail in the coffin of New York's speakeasy trend.

Midtown Gets A Sanctuary

Our friends at ICrave have been very busy Midtown beavers. First, they design Highbar, the newest roof bar option from Greg Brier at 48th and 8th. Now, they have redesigned the Portland Square Hotel in Times Square and helped transform it into the Sanctuary Hotel. Our friends at Hotel Chatter had some intel on this last year, but when perusing the ICrave site, we came across the mockups for the stylish lobby and bar, which will allow guests to "experience an atmosphere of tranquility and energy within the lobby's intimate alcoves, warming fireplaces, and hip lounge." Sounds cozy, especially if you are in Times Square and want to get a drink and sit next to a fireplace. Look for an opening early 2009.

Images courtesy of ICrave

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nicolette Gets Touch'd Up

As promised, brand new contributor Nicolette from Niolette and the City stops by Touch and lives to write about it.

My first mistake of the evening was showing up to Touch at 12:30 a.m. (11:30 p.m. would be ideal). There was a line, I don’t even know if you would call it that, of people arguing their way into the club. Having no patience for this I texted my friend who had a table inside to come walk me in. When I walked to the front of the line the doorman was reprimanding a group of 3 guys for breaking the club world rules- showing up without any girls and one guy was wearing sneakers. The doorman then gave them a 3 second ultimatum to buy a table or get off the line. When it was my turn I told the doorman my deal-whose guest list I was on, me plus 3 girls. He comped me (most likely because I didn’t waste his time, was a girl and knew the rules) but not my three friends who had to pay a $20 cover.

When you walk into Touch you can go to your right, a long narrow hallway or to your left where the bar is. Either way leads to the dance floor in the back of the club. My first choice was the long hallway to the dance floor. We stepped onto the dance floor and my initial thought – massive huge orgy without any air conditioning. Everyone was drunk, gyrating to the music and was going crazy. There were a few tables in the middle of the dance floor – not very “VIP” so skip it. Then there is an elevated stage that surrounds the dance floor against the wall with all VIP tables- and every single one was taken. The second floor is exclusive VIP with tables only and you need a bracelet to get upstairs. I did make it upstairs after a group of guys found me and my girls and invited us up for a drink. There I met DJ Omi who was spinning all night long – and is solely responsible for keeping me at Touch as long as I did (that and a few drinks). She played everything from Hip Hop to House to Rock. I would definitely see her spin again, she made the crowd go crazy and have so much energy.

Overall Touch wasn’t as bad as my first thoughts were when I walked into the club. The location isn’t my favorite - west 52nd street between Broadway and 8th avenue. Touch is as club as you get - not a bar and not a lounge/club so if that is not your scene you are going to hate it. Would I go back? Yea I most likely will. I would say go with a big group of friends, buy the table (you know they are going to make you), pregame…a lot, and have a good night.

Flyer Follies: Bunny Chow Chow Chow Chow

Guess what? It's back! It's really back. Can you believe it? We know. No, we know. Crazy, right? Caaraaazzzzy. Well, thank the Lord for that. It's been too long. Way too long. Bunny Chow Wednesdays at Cain are back. What's Bunny Chow Wednesday you ask? We don't know either. But they're back, and we couldn't be happier. Look at that flyer - even Danny Masterson is down with the Bunny. Why aren't you? Go have fun, bunnies.

Introducing Nicolette

Hey everyone. Meet Nicolette. She's relatively new to Manhattan and is having so much fun going out, she decided to start writing about it on her own site, Nicolette and the City. She is going to help us out by covering many places we just can't (or don't want to) get to. Please give her a warm welcome and stay tuned for her first post later today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hell's Kitchen Gets Roofied

Do you love drinking on roofs during the steamy summer months? You do? Great news! A new roof top lounge is opening this May, and you all are invited! Yippee! Here's the rub - it's in Hell's Kitchen. 48th and 8th to be exact. But don't lie, half of you work in midtown anyway so what's the big effin deal? Get over it. Or don't, what do we care? Here's the PR for you:

Drink al fresco this summer at Highbar, a new ultra-modern rooftop lounge from Greg Brier (Aspen, Amalia, D'or located in Hells Kitchen. This exclusive iCrave-designed indoor and outdoor venue features spectacular views of the Hudson and offers guests an outdoor experience with all the amenities found indoors—air conditioned areas, dedicated service professionals, and an urban-chic ambiance. Highbar can accommodate 200 guests outdoors and 75 in the adjacent lounge, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, DJ booth, and visual elements capable of supporting logos, videos, or even camp-classic films. In addition to award-winning cocktails, Highbar will offer a menu of classics from the grill - all your favorites from a relaxing backyard barbecue. For private events, a separate party menu of passed hoers d'oeuvre's and/or buffet stations is available. When planning your summer events, consider Highbar--the perfect new haute spot for the ultimate cocktail party under the sun or the stars.
Classy cocktails and backyard favorites together at last. Pefection! This place is opening in May and seems like a winner. Mark your calendars.

Downtown Map Map Fun

A Little Birdy passed along a handy dandy Google Map which shows some of downtown's best eating and drinking establishments. Many of them happen to coincide with our favorites as well, so we figured we would share it with you. It is even updated to include the brand new Rusty Knot. Do take a look and ctrl+d for future reference.

Pizza Prices Go Up

Beware ye drinkers who like to wrap up the night with a warm slice of cheesey pizza goodness. With rising wheat, dairy and fuel prices, a slice of New York pizza has jumped again. Expect to pay $2.75 for a plain slice from now on - meaning you will need a bit more money in your pocket at the end of the night to eat away that empty feeling of drunkenness.

Photo of a slice of famous Joe's Pizza courtesy of loremipsum/flickr!

An Evening At: Death & Co.

What is it about Death & Co. that drives the people so crazy? The regulars love it and want it to stay forever. The neighbors hate it and want it gone immediately. And where does that leave us?

After visiting several times after it first opened, Death & Co. left us with a bad taste in our mouths. The food wasn't good, the seats were small, and the price point was, in our opinion, too high. We decided to stop going. But after almost a year, we decided to give it a chance. We showed up early in the evening to meet a friend, but when we told the door guard we were meeting someone, we had to wait outside in the cold until the rest of the party arrived. The next guests were told the same thing, saying the bar doesn't seat incomplete parties. Luckily, our party arrived before after a few minutes and we managed to get the last available small table. The other waiters never got in.

The room is still dark and well designed. Jazz is still on as background music. The cocktail list is lengthy and varied, with several creative concoctions that were tasty, but took 10 minutes to be delivered to the table. We didn't eat, but the food we saw still came in excessively small batches. The size of the room, the crowd and the music make it very loud and hard to talk. Maybe not the best place to catch up with friends, but then what is it a good place for? We aren't sure.

Do we want it be closed? Of course not. But we have our complaints. If it's a cocktail bar with food, then let people wait inside for their group. If it's too small, then allow people to reserve tables. The community issues have Death and Co. walking too fine a line, trying so hard to put it's restaurant foot forward while doing everything it can to operate as one of the most upscale cocktail lounges in town. No one can be everything. Death & Co. deserves a chance to do as it pleases, operating as a full service lounge until 4 AM, 7 nights a week. But that doesn't mean we are going to go.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Hits: SXSW

Unfortunately our trip to SXSW this weekend was unexpectedly called off. Luckily, a faithful Little Birdy filed a field report from Austin. There were supposed to be several, but the parties got the best of Birdy, so we have to settle for one. Birdy?

Saturday was the last official night of South by Southwest and the festivities closed with a bang. Bands from around the world have performed all week with the festival taking over every venue with a floor and power outlet. And the hipsters were our in force. Think Beatrice Inn times 1000. This little birdy spent most of the evening at Perez Hilton's Perez Says event at the Palm Door and is feeling the effects today. Good news - open bar. Not so good news - open bar choices were 10cane or Navan. The band line-up was solid and there was even a Guitar Hero setup in the VIP. Cisco Adler and Schwaze made an appearance and were scheduled to perform but never did. N.E.R.D. capped off the night and the legendary Larry Tee DJ'ed in between the bands. Chromeo's Dave 1 stopped by late night after their performance down the street.
That's what happens when you spend all night at Perez's party. You get f*cked. Anyway, bad Birdy for only 1 report, good Birdy for reporting.

Any other stories? Let us know.

Remembering Fubar

After the horrific crane accident this past weekend, the Times has an excellent article in memory of Fubar. Lacking fancy cocktails, gimmicks or pretense, Fubar was simply a neighborhood bar, and a much loved one at that. We wish the best for everyone involved.

An Evening At: The Rusty Knot

Last week, we took the opportunity to enjoy An Evening at the Rusty Knot, the high end nautical dive bar that Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer quietly opened for business in the old West Space. Walking in, you can't help but feel you've stumbled into the local bar in some rural town in Maine. Busch Beer on tap, box wine on the shelf, Tiki glasses, Spider Bowls, a killer juke box, pool table and furniture crafted from what seems like the remnants of the Love Boat set only enhance the mood. The space is tight, but capacity is only 75 or so, which should render any problems moot. Unless you are stuck outside that is. We stepped in and ordered a Rusty Knot, the refreshing house cocktail made from Rum, house sour mix, and mint, that went down smooth as sugar. A few stools opened up and our party settled down.

The Knot isn't only a place to drink and stare at Jersey City. They also got some kick ass bar food. Oysters, peel and eat shrimp, classic shepard's pie, razor clams, giant pigs in a blanket. Bar food to the extreme. The best we had? How about a Chicken Liver, Bacon and Avocado sandwich that scream luxury even as you are sucking down a smooth drinking tap Busch. Aww yeah.

The best news is that this can all be yours until 4 AM, 7 days a week. Look out Corner Bistro. Expect desire to experience this to be at a full burn as of tonight, so if you want to go, best get their early. Because once you get a seat, chances are you will be hanging at the Knot all night. Aye Aye.

Friday, March 14, 2008

K&K Do Antik

Thanks to a fast moving Little Birdy, we can drop some additional intel on the soon to open Antik. According to the LB, "It is the latest creation from nightlife impresarios Larry Kramer and Craig Koenig, the team behind the rustic-lounge Retreat." Now, R&R was not half bad during its short run, but Retreat? We are having trouble coming up with something nice to say. Best to just leave it alone. Overall, impresarios may be a little too strong of a word here.

Bonus note: The late M&R bar has also been renovated into King's Cross Tavern, which fancies itself as an English pub of sorts. It's been open for a few weeks now, with some early intel making it sound not half bad. We also hear that they have been letting people upstairs into Antik, even though it's not open yet. Stop by tonight and let us know how it goes.

Bowery Goes Antik Shopping

Bowery Row is set for a new addition to its already plentiful nightlife menu. The old Marion's Continental has quietly undergone some interior renovations and is about ready to reopen as Antik. There has been next to no news about this, but the fancy Zagat folks have heard that Antik will be "a 'semi-private' cocktail lounge". Joy. And judging by the logo, we can imagine the bar will have some sort of dark and sexy motif. No word if it is connected to Hostler Burrows Antik Gallery. Most importantly, when does it open? DBTH has heard rumors of Wednesday, March 19th, but that is unconfirmed. Since it's semi-private, we doubt any of us are invited, but we're working on correcting that.

Much more to come.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mr. Lewis Explains Kristen

Goodnight Mr. Lewis is quickly becoming the greatest thing that has ever happened to DBTH in our entire lives. It turns out that maybe he sorta kinda possibly knew Spitzer's lady of the night, but his friend's sure did. Let's let Steve explain:

It's 3 am, I'm in a club and a friend of mine is having a text message marathon with none other than Ashley Alexandra Dupre' our ex-Governor's special friend. "You know her, " I was told a couple dozen times, but I really can't remember... Everybody was talking Ashley last night. What is true and what is false, I cannot say for sure, but here's what I heard...

Michael James, 3 Pink Vodka and Sodas in to my conversation with him made me swear to keep his name out of this , so I will. A shortish, always tanned girl with a killer body, she was always rolling with ballers and always talking about her career in music. Indeed one doorman said the last couple times he had seen her she was rolling with P Diddy's crew. Friends who had "been" there said it all makes sense now, that apartment at the Landmark on 6th Ave., the trip to St. Tropez this summer, the vacations by private jet. She was shacked up with someone else famous this past summer. Two different people chuckled, but wouldn't give me more. There was that someone else in St. Tropez on a boat, I guess the one in the photo.
Part of P. Diddy and the Governor's crew. Talk about ballin. And we love the Steve wouldn't sell out, keeping it for the site to keep his JoonBug overlords happy. Onward.

· One Degree of Separation [GNML]

Flyer Follies: Diplo Diplo Diplo

More flyerbombing from SXSW, and check back throughout the weekend for ongoing DBTH coverage from the South. The deep south. After you peel yourself away from the Facebook party, make sure you head over to 3000 East Cesar Chavez to hear Diplo rip it up, Blender Magazine style. You may not read their magazine, but you can use them for free drinks and a party. Diplo - Blender - Friday - Be There!

More Monday Madness

After announcing a fourth Monday evening party, Star Lounge's little gittee up, one of our lovely commenters deftly explained the scene like this:

"Butter" is like the NWA of Monday Night Parties, The O.G. if you will. "Utah's" and "Upstairs" are like Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre.. "Star Rm"? More like Vanilla Ice...
Everyone follow that? Good. So with 4 parties already established on Monday, can the City possibly support one more? We will find out soon, as a Little Birdy has told us that the Hudson Hotel in Midtown will be launching their very own Monday night soirée, very exclusive, very media and arts centric. Apparently it starts next week, so check back next week for the exciting conclusion.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beatrice Boys Heading West?

We got some interesting gossip from a Little LA Birdy. Even though the contracts aren't finalized on their much hyped Atlantic City deal, the Beatrice Inn gang may be looking to the coast for their next project. Our LLAB says, "Been hearing that Paul is looking to open a new spot in Los Angeles. Don't think it will be a Beatrice, but similar vibe." There you have it. We really doubt that it will be another Beatrice, which of course takes the name of the old restaurant that occupied the same space. And as a wise and successful operator once told us, "your brand is your brand, and never do anything to jeapordize that". Very wise words that everyone should take to heart.

Spitzer Gets a Scandal Special

Leave it to New York's cheeky bar owners and employees to make the most of a political scandal. Teddy's in Williamsburg quickly tacked up a few signs offering patrons some Spitzer Specials after news broke on Monday.

Via MediaBistro via NYShitty

[Photo Credit]

Flyer Follies: Facebook Hits the South

It's South By Southwest weekend in Austin, Texas, where everyone who is anyone (or trying to be anyone) in the indie music scene will descend upon the capital to try and make a splash. DBTH will be flyerbombing you with the hottest party invites, and bring some coverage from on the scene.Party at the Moontower! How Dazed anc Confused nostalgic. Facebook has partnered with the Red Bull Moontower for 4 days of music and drinking. Alright, alright, alright. Here are the details:

Different bands every night and cocktails flowing late! Attached is the Moontower flyer. Please note the flyer doesn’t give you access – these private events are by list only.

A few things to know:
* Don’t miss Thursday night – great bands booked by Facebook and other special sauce!
* You can not change guests from night to night so make sure the three you bring are the three you like for all four nights.
* The list is now closed and we can not make further additions or changes. Thanks for understanding.
* Parking is severely limited. Take a cab.
* If you’re looking for Facebook folks, find the Facebook Lounge and you’ll likely find us.

No need to reply or RSVP - just show up at the main entrance and your name will be on the list. See you soon!
You sure will.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Danny A is Done With NYC

Tucked into Part 3 of Mr. Lewis's 3 part interview with Mr. Upstairs, Danny A, the super promoter explains why he is bored with New York City nightlife, saying

If I look at the whole club scene today, I have to tell you it’s horrendous. There’s nothing going on over here. I wouldn’t go anywhere and enjoy myself in New York now. Enjoying it is one thing, I can enjoy myself anywhere because I have people that I care about around me, but if I was a twenty-three year old guy coming to NY wanting to make myself in this scene and see who’s hot and who’s not…I remember going into a club twenty years ago and saying wow, I can’t believe it. What is there for shock value now? I’m talking about walking into the Tunnel on Friday and there are people dressed up like clowns and the room upstairs, hot crowd, all that back then, you could be in the VIP room and walk out onto the dance floor and you knew everybody. Today I walk through the dance floor only so I can get where I need to go. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, but they’re there for a different reason than I am, they just pay twenty dollars and they’re just standing around, macho acting…
We agree and disagree. There isn't much going on around here, but it's not for a lack of shock value. Things change over 10 years, and seeing clowns, gospel choirs and double dutch shows at the Box really don't cut it. Customers are paying over the top prices to enjoy themselves, so what's lacking isn't the shock - it's the fun and service that justifies laying out all of those greenbacks.

No wonder the folks in London are going so hard these days - their currency is actually worth a damn.

Also worth noting, our pals at Guest of a Guest snagged an interview with Steve Lewis, the man, the myth, the legend, and he gives DBTH a little shout out. Go give it a read.

Flyer Follies: Miami Spring Break Edition

It's the middle of March. You know what that means? Spring mother effing break. That's what we're talking about dawg! Woof! So no matter where you are at right now, stop what you're doing and make plans to get your asses down to South Beach by tomorrow at 1:00. Why? Look at the damn flyer fool! Vanessa Manillo, Brody Jenner and Miranda Kerr are all going to be at the Raleigh Hotel for an afternoon extravangaza.

No invite? No problem! We bet if you drop our name at the door, they will let you in gratis. And as a bonus, we bet you get a hot Nick Lacey sighting. He loves him a Spring Break pool party.

The Magic Cabbie

From a Little Birdy:

I just got back from Johnny Utah’s, as per your recommendation. On my trip back downtown I am pretty sure I had the exact same cabbie as you did in the recent Socilista posting. He began telling me and my friend stories about NYC night life, and dare I say, perhaps knew his stuff better than you.[Ed. Note: Impossible] I asked him if he happened to be the same cab driver. Turns out he doesn’t have a computer but he did say he never gives out his “fucking number” and that he tells everyone the same Socilista story, so it was probably him. Btw, turns out he doesn’t give his number out because people always call when he is busy and he doesn’t need the business then, so no harsh feelings. Its funny I stumbled across him; you definitely should try to get him on board. He says that he has been approached by club owners to sign up because of how much he knows, but he is happy as is so good luck.
What a coincidence! This has to be the #1 nightlife cab driver in the City hands down. Doesn't this deserve some kind of recognition from The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Star Lounge Wants Some Monday Love

Sorry to interrupt the Spitzer lovefest, but apparently there is a new party that is getting underway tonight. A Facebook promoter just sent out an email blast, saying

Sorry for the late invite, but tonight (Monday) I will be @ Star Lounge ( 23rd St bet 7-8th ave @ the bottom of the Chelsea Hotel) this is a new party and its amazing, its strictly New York nothing but elegance and style, everyone needs to check this out.
We have withheld any names from this, since we know how everyone feels about that.

But what is it about Monday's that gets everyone's juices flowing? You now have Butter, Johnny Utah's, Upstairs, and newcomer Star Lounge all fighting for your early week dollars. But can anyone tell us what really is the best way to make yourself hungover with 4 more work days to go? We bet YOU can.

Mayflower Hotel: Where Gov. Spitzer Joined the Emperor's Club

According to the most recent reports, Elliot Spitzer spent the fateful night at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. Pictured above, what the Mayflower hotel room 871 may look like. For a classy escort, a very classy Mayflower room.

Why Elliot Was in Washington

Here is the video of Elliot Spitzer testifying before Congress in February about the crumbling state of the US Bond Market.

And to think, just hours before, he had dropped several thousand getting down with a high priced call girl. No wonder he sounds so cool, calm and collected. Whoo ahh.

Gov. Spitzer Tied to Emperor's Club

Talk about enjoying the nightlife, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer has allegedley been linked to the Emperor's Club Escort Service that was busted up by the cops last week. The story goes like this:

· The Governor schedules a trip Washington.
· The Governor plans a tryst while in Washington D.C.
· Governor goes on CNBC and testifies before a House Committee
· Emperor Club Gets Busted
News conference coming. Nightlife is so much more than nightclubs and drinking, don't you think?

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Introducing Outalot

We would like to call to your attention a neat new service called Outalot, which allows for easy searching and mapping of restaurants, bars and various other items by category or neighborhood in a social networking sorta way. According to the intro email:

Outalot is a location-based guide, available now for just New York City, that makes it easy for users to find nearby restaurants, bars, and movie theaters. It's available online, on iPhones, and on other mobile phones.

You can rate, comment, and tag places in Outalot. You can also "bookmark" favorite places around town and share them with your friends. Think of the service as social bookmarking, but for physical places rather than URLs.
After a few test runs, it seems they still don't have every single listing in Manhattan, but they are working out the kinks. Happy searching.

How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

Rainy weekend days are a real drag. This Saturday sure fit that rainy day bill. What's a good way to pass the time? How about 2 for 1 Bloody Mary's at Tom and Jerry's? A few of these and the rain magically disappears. Funny how that works.

Europe's Party Goes Through Guinea-Bissau

The impoverished nation of Guinea-Bissau was previously known for its lack of development since winning it's freedom from Portugal. Now, it can be known as a main through point for Latin America's choicest narcotics as they head toward Europe's powder crazy gliterati. It's gotten so out of control, "value of the drugs trade is greater than the national income." That's a lot of cheeba.

Anyway, fascinating how international shipping routes, drug cartels and globalization all work together to destroy an impoverished nation and simultaneously allow Euro's to party hardy.

· How a Tiny West African Country Became the World's First Narco State [Observer UK]

Friday, March 07, 2008

Waverly Inn's Secret Red Cocktail

What's the latest cocktail craze at the Waverly Inn? Why, the secretive Off the Red Wagon, a cocktail who's recipe is so crazy it's better if you and DBTH don't even know the recipe. Just fork over $15 and they guarantee that you will love it. But will you?

As an aside - nice little post today on the Waverly Blog, as Emil Varda finally figures out that managers and publicists are more than willing to alert the paparazzi when their clients are out and about. Good for you Emil. Now maybe you can work on updating the Waverly's tired dinner menu, which is the same as when they opened the joint a year ago.

Koko Dozo Catches Fire Underground

As part of our public service mission, we like to keep you informed on the hottest acts that entertain the elite masses. So who is tearing up the underground scene right now? Apparently it's Koko Dozo - who promoted their fledgling act by telling us

Our debut self-release "Illegal Space Aliens" dropped last Saturday and our release party at Nacotheque, the insanely crazy Latino-Electro party which is making waves in NYC and all over the world, was out of control, a room packed with sweaty hot dancing bodies . . . Since then, on the merit of that buzz alone, we've booked two of the biggest underground parties in NYC, Rated X- The Panty Party at Don Hills and Roxy Cottontails's Heartbeat at Le Royale.
That certainly sounds hot. And unique. Just look at that picture, you know they got something going on that's just got to be authentic. You go Koko Dozo. Go!

Kissed By a Bee

What's the Spring Drink for 2008? Courtesy of our favorite bartender, the sassy lady at the back bar at Freemans, comes the Bee's Kiss. Best described as a Tequila Gimlet with honey, the drink is sour, sweet, and packs that smooth punch that only a quality tequila cocktail can provide. Go ahead and order one (or two) - but beware, she will use your weaknesses against you - and you may wind up with a wimpy gin and tonic if you don't order with conviction.