Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Am Not a Bar

We pity poor David Kaplan, the young up and comer who's Death and Co. has gone to battle with the fearsome fogies of Community Board 3. It seems his cocktail restaurant lounge type thing is going to be bullied by his neighbors right out of business. How bad have things gotten? So bad that Kaplan has to take umbrage with the author of a recent sympathy piece that labeled Death and Co. as a bar.

The madness has got to stop. While we support a neighbor's right to relative quiet, New York as a city must make it possible to open and operate a business. With the pending economic issues, this will become even more evident, as potential entrepreneurs (David Kaplan) who are hoping to pour their heart and soul into opening a restaurant, lounge or bar will look at the neighborhood, the high rent, the fees, taxes and regulatory BS and run the other way. Add an onerous community board to the mix and opening an interesting place to have a cocktail is nearly impossible.

Death and Co. is a bar! Their drinks are good, their food is passable. Give them a damn liquor license and let's wrap this shenanigan up.

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Anonymous said...

I am not a bar. I am only standing in front of one in my business establishment. But we don't use it...I swear.