Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick Hits: Marquee, Myst and Amy Sacco

Time for a Wednesday edition of Quick Hits, where we just give you some really quick stories that we don't feel like using our wit and brain cells to expand upon. How many Q's in Quick Hits? Quick Hits!

Today, we feature one Little Birdy sharing 3 stories. How lovely of you LB. Here we go.

· The old Quo, or Myst, is re-opening very soon as either "Aces N Spades" or "Prime".
· Marquee just re-opened their remodeled Red Room last night weekend.
· I just heard a rumor that Bungalow is moving to Wall St. Could be cool.

Interesting stuff LB, but we beg to differ on bullet 3. As bad as 27th Street has become, we don't think Sacco is repackaging Bungalow 8 to head down to Wall Street. As Eater has reported, the space below her real estate venture is going to probably be a large restaurant. Eventually, opening clubs becomes rather boring, and the folks like Miss Sacco look to passively make money. Nightclubs ain't passive kiddies. Unless you are the money and you are using it as a tax write off. Which you know we are.