Monday, February 11, 2008

Alert: I Am Not DBTH

Over the weekend, we received the following email request:

I am an avid fan of your blog. We both share an affinity for the nightlife industry, and I often am aware of some of your stories before they are posted. Hence, my friends have speculated that I am, in fact, the Hipster. They became especially suspicious after the Tom Arnold Sundance posting because I was one of few people outside. However, as you know this obviously is a case of mistaken identity. At first it was funny but now it has become an issue for me as the word has spread, with people wary having the “Hipster” around.
That was the both the short and long of it, and we still don't know who sent it to us. But we do know something - whoever did write it certainly is not DBTH. So please, people who are associated with the author, stop being wary of having them around. They are still down. Just not BTH.


Anonymous said...

it's me. i'm dbth

Anonymous said...

i know who wrote it.... i accused him myself. either way i still dont believe either of u. so there