Friday, February 22, 2008

A Pure Bust

Big news from the desert. Pure Management Group managing partners Steve Davidovici and Robert Frey homes and corporate offices were raided by the IRS. According to reports, the bust went down just hours before a party for Bette Midler (tragic!), and the focus is apparently on the huge tips that the doormen collect from tourists who are beyond desperate to get inside Las Vegas's biggest club. There are rumors that doormen are making between $8 - $10 grand a night, which is some serious cake. Man about town Robin Leach also reports that the club owners are willing to cooperate in order to protect their celebrity investors (Shaq, Celine Dion), but investigators are also going to be looking into the large appearance fees paid to Hollywood "celebs" to show up at the club. But don't worry - the club is still open for business.

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