Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ahoy Mr. Lewis

We would like to give a hearty welcome to Goonight Mr. Lewis, a new nightlife blog run by nightlife guru Steve Lewis. You know, the guy that ran Life back in the day. Anyway, Stevie says "I will tell you what happened then, what's happening now, and what will happen tomorrow. I will make sure your night is done right." Fascinating. He is off to a huge start, running some sort of interview with the folks behind the already ous't Mansion, saying "This crew has enough energy to ensure success. In my humble opinion they are a force capable of leading clubdom to a new era."

Well, according to a Little Birdy who was there this weekend, this new era is going to be defined by lameness. Our LB says, "Was at Mansion over the weekend. The place is poorly designed, 75% empty, filled with ugly talent, and has fat girls in spandex hanging off the ceiling. Mark Baker himself came by our table to chat us up. Very creepy. I give this place 4 months." And that's that.

Back to the point, we welcome Steve Lewis into our realm. May the best blog win.


Anonymous said...

powered by joonbug. yikes.

Anonymous said...

Hasnt been updated since the Mansion shill piece. Lame.

steven said...
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Anonymous said...

i just read what he wrote on his blog.

a. life was open 20 years ago buddy.
b. mansion is a lame club for bankers and b&t
c. his places are like TGI Fridays with nicer decor

that's right stevo - yea we get it. you've been in the biz a long time.

you're successful, but so were the Bee Gees.