Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mansion: Not so Terrible?

Hold the phones! Has everything we've heard so far about Mansion been wrong? Can it possibly be the "force capable of leading clubdom to a new era." A Little Birdy reports:

I went on Saturday night, in short it was not as horrible as I might have otherwise thought. Due to the sheer size of the space to fill it up they cannot be particularly discerning with who they let in so it ended up being a mix of a reasonably good crowd combined with a lot of bridge and tunnel. Seemed like two worlds clashing, but everyone was in good spirits and the somewhat silly decor was easy to overlook. The venue did eventually get packed circa 1 - 2 AM. I think the place will do well enough, (it's an upgrade from the sad state Crobar was in anyhow) if only as a fall-back for people who cannot get into the smaller venues on club row.
Well, that's the best independent review we've seen so far, and it still doesn't come across as the Per Se of nightclubs. Maybe given some time, this puppy has a chance at success.


Anonymous said...

are u guys postin this as a way to plug a certain performer"s appearance there tmrw nite?

DBTH said...


Anonymous said...

two things happen when you are so big you need to let as many people in as the place will hold.

1) the guido's, dudes in baggy pant's, Jersey kids trippin on E, and every other low life makes the place their home

2) hip hop nite

Anonymous said...

That sounds terrible!

Anonymous said...

yet it's so true