Friday, February 22, 2008

Hamptons Hamptons Hamptons

Haven't locked up your summer share in the Hamptons yet? Don't sweat it. DBTH has a deal for you. And it's a doozy. For a small fee, you the get the house, the sun, the pool, the people, and the fun. Standard stuff. The real kicker? The party tent. That's right, this share includes a permanent party tent (pictured above). It's the summer share that you never have to leave, skipping the club life for the house club life. Thankfully, our faithful house organizers have included several action shots of last summer's housemates living it up - Acapulco steez.

We highly recommend clicking through to the full flash presentation. Quarter and half shares available, but please act soon.


tara said...

Hi. I am very interested in the Hampton's home summer rental. I am currently seeking to rent out at least 3 bedrooms throughout the entire summer season. Please respond with more details and availability. Thanks in advance!