Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rose Bar Reject

When it comes to getting into Rose Bar, one of our intrepid commenters was 100% correct: "Some places are not meant for everyone. Welcome to the world people." Unfortunately, Nicky Hilton learned this the hard way. Page Six reports, "it seems Ian Schrager's ban on Paris Hilton at his Gramercy Park Hotel also applies to her sister Nicky. Spies outside spotted her 'desperately trying to get in' to the hip hotel's Rose Bar . . ., 'Nicky was texting Andy Valmorbida to come out and get her,' said the spy. But we hear the billionaire art dealer was too busy canoodling with Lenny Kravitz's ex, Sandy Meyer, to lend the Hilton sister a hand." Needless to say, the Hilton's could probably use a large dose of reality. But so can Rose Bar. Don't get us wrong, we love the place. But either you are open to the public or you aren't, and if you aren't, just be honest about it. It's really not that big a deal. But to ban someone because of their sister, or allow someone to pass doorman #1 without then letting them past doorman #2, or telling respected restauranters that they "should shave and dress better" if they want to come again is ludicrous. Consider us (gasp!) on Nicky's side.

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Anonymous said...

is she a flight attendant?

Anonymous said...

she looks hot either way. got to let that in.

Anonymous said...

Nicky Hilton wasn't at Rose Bar on the night in question - so she couldn't have been turned away. And I saw her there last night - so it appears there's no ban. You get your news from The Post?