Monday, February 11, 2008

First Responder: Mansion Pt II

Now, the exciting conclusion of our First Responder report from Mansion, the Opium Group's newest club built right here in our fair City.

After getting the first update from our Little Birdy, we couldn't help but wonder why they were sellin bottle services when we had been hearing all week that the club wasn't open to the public this weekend? We posed the question to our LB, who quickly responded:

I thought about that one too. Obviously, they played it up as a private event, saw some people w invites who got right in, but inside were some familiar faces who I knew that also got in via the line. I had 12 ppl w me and the bottle prices were in the ice buckets. . . it is not the intimate ultra lounge they say it is. The cocktail waitresses were overwhelmed covering, 5-6 tbls and they clearly packed in as many ppl as they could. The "upstairs vip" area was no more exclusive than the rest of the place. All in my group felt the sheer size of the place will dissuade people who attend places like Gold Bar, Pink, Cain etc. Truth be told, other than the ball-like chandeleirs and some fire flames burning behind glass (like a miami club I forget) it isn't much different than Crobar was.
Well, that's not a good sign. First weekends and soft opens are never easy, but we assumed that these folks would be able to hit the ground running. Guess not.