Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ins't or Ous't: Mansion Part II

The exciting conclusion of our very special 2 part series, Ins't or Ous't. Well, what are waiting for? Nothing.

So our first few Little Birdies really didn't have much fun at Mansion. But maybe the crowd was super exclusive and made you feel privileged to be inside? Or maybe not. According to our final Little Birdy, "This is perhaps redundant, but the "private party" was no more than an invitation to anyone on the not so exclusive asmallworld. With over 300,000 members now that is hardly what constitutes a private party (although probably a more reliable way to entice us banker types, if only marginally more so than MySpace)." We know that the space is huge, but having to sell your exclusive opening weekend, during Fashion Week no less, is simply bad news. If this were publicly listed, we would be dumping shares like crazy. But it's just a club, so expect the vulture promoters to step in and fill this place with _______ (fill in blank).

That's why we can officially stamp Mansion: Ous't.


Anonymous said...

I went to the party and it wasn't bad. The space was huuuuge, so it was hard to settle into a spot. They hired burlesque dancers and had intermittent performances which gave it a feel similar to The Box. It was totally crowded by midnight, but the smallworld people were good looking, young and spending money - so for the opening of a club that huge, it seemed to make sense.

Anonymous said...

fill this place with bridge and tunnel......._______

Anonymous said...

4th blog I've read re: Mansion. The evening of the 10th was a private event. Management made a decision to open to the public when the event was over. Why not? There is an opening and then there is that silly little thing called "grand opening". To my knowledge, Mansion has not held their grand opening.

The night I was there was kicking. Stellar DJ. Really loved the arialists, gogo elevators with dancers, the gospel choir and opera singer gave a great eclectic feel to the place. I've been waiting for a place that is far more than a club and this is it. It is a full service venue and it is huge! I hope it is as geared toward live performance as its predecessor was.

Mansion New York should be a vastly different club than Mansion Miami. At least I hope it will be. New York is not Miami and a different crowd requires a different club.

Top shelf decor, professional staff, and top class planned events ....along with one of the best sound systems in the city ...

This fabulous VENUE is definitely going to be "Ins't".

I am sure that come summer, it will be mind blowing - or at least entertaining enough for everyone to tear themselves away from MySpace for a few hours.