Monday, February 25, 2008

Turf War: MPD vs 27th Street

Run to the store and gather the bare necessities. Put bars on the windows, add another dead bolt to the door and perhaps look into hiring some private security. Apparently, there's a turf war that has broken out between New York City's most important nightlife characters, and they are taking no prisoners! It's 27th Street vs. Meatpacking District, and the winner will take all. How do we know all this? New nightlife blog Goodnight Mr. Lewis brings us this breaking news in an interview with Carlo Seneca, co-owner of Prime and Suzie Wong. Let's go to the transcript:

Steve Lewis: Your competition is really the Meatpacking District. It’s the clash of the titans: Chelsea against Meatpacking

Carlo Seneca: Exactly, we wanna pull as many people as we can out of there. I believe that Meatpacking is becoming too commercialized. The revitalization of this neighborhood is happening with Mansion and us at Suzie Wong and Prime leading the way.
Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. Who knew that the Meatpacking District had become so mersh that 27th Street would be able to bring some real authenticity back? Certainly not us. Probably not anyone. With re-zonings, rising rents, and a general lack of interest, both of these areas will be virtually nightlife free within 5 years.

But for now, please choose a side and keep your head on a swivel for flying lemon drop shots.

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modelbehavior said...

Co-owner of Prime and Suzie Wong? Based on those two facts alone we should immediately disregard anything this dude says. If he considers this NEWS it at least helps me understand why Suzie Wong sucks so much.