Friday, February 01, 2008

The Gold Standard

Some people love to hate on the state of nightlife in New York City. Not us of course, but some people. But the City is still very fun, and it is possible to have a great time going out. On that note, a Little Birdy filed this report after what seems to be a lonnnnnnng night out, saying:

u know gold bar? place is pretty serious stuff. degenerates of nyc in full swing at gold bar. 19 yr old brazilians having makeshift photoshoots as the party floods into the dj booth to play with the new mac computers. bottles of goose everywhere. i have 2 brain cells right now. give me some verbs.
Was that English? Our Little Birdy's goose is done and done dirty. But you all get the drift. It seems that they had a killer time, and so can all of you.

Keep sharing those stories everybody. We love em.


astralgirl01 said...

Yikes... seems as if our little birdy is waaay behind the times... hasn't Gold Bar been open for like months now?

The concept seems so lame (Gold, really expensive drinks, Eurotrash) that I haven't even bothered to go there.

If I want to shell out top dollar, I'll go to Milk & Honey and get a well-crafted drink, thanks.

Saloniere said...

@ Astralgirl - If you had been there, you'd know that they do take their mixology fairly seriously - perhaps not to M&H levels, but still much higher than most. That said, they are 2 completely different places, and are not competing for the same niche. I actually like both, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

The B of the G is still one of my favorite places - super friendly and accomodating owners and staff, a great crowd (most of the time - it can get a little banker-y sometimes), and most importantly, close to home.

Of my current circuit of Gramercy, Box and Beatrice - GB is still holding it's own. I was there last night and the energy and crowd was off the hook amazing!

Anonymous said...

i concur. they have a serious cocktail menu and have very well trained bartenders. so dont knock it till youve been there. agreed on the crowd though. not my stee

Anonymous said...


Is bankerly so very bad? What is it that makes a banker (or finance professional in general) such an undesirable?

Anonymous said...

they're square

Saloniere said...

I actually count a smattering of finance types among my friends, and there are some who are pretty cool and creative. HOWEVER, I never like to see too many anywhere, as it means they're crowding out the creatives - and more creatives just means a more interesting mix - in attitudes, approaches, dress and looks.

I'm one of those rare birds who generally prefers a very mixed crowd when I go out - in age/race/orientation/class/uptown/downtown, etc. Homogeneousness is boring.