Monday, February 11, 2008

First Responder: Mansion

Below, Part I of our First Responder report from Mansion.One of our more frequent Little Birdy's was on hand for Mansion's big opening weekend and reports:

Was at mansion last night for their " private " party. Took a table with some friends and a slew of girls. They seemed to be allowing people in w/o invites but I could be wrong. Never saw spice girls, but they did have a gospel choir at 1230. Made no sense. Sat in upstairs VIP area, 8 ppl, 3 btl minimum. Place is too cavernous, lacks the vip area that Mansion Miami has and the crowd was not as exclusive. I guess you have to compromise to fill a space this large. Music was not great, place was empty by 3am. Lots of available tables.
A 3 bottle minimum in this economic climate is bold. Maybe 3 bottles of Amstel Light? Heh.