Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Danny A Pleads His Case

Gossip sites are going gaga over Leo DiCaprio riding shotgun in a car that was pulled over by the NYPD. What everyone has missed is that the driver who was yanked out of the car to talk is a celebrity in his own right. Well kind of. We'll let our Little Birdy explain, "did you know that the photos in the post of leo dicaprio's driver are of Danny A? I guess he has another title besides the worlds longest running club promoter!" There is no shame in showing a visiting friend a good time, as long as it doesn't end up with all of you getting interrogated by Johnny 5. Just proves no one is above the traffic law here. The power couple was allowed to leave after 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Got to love the outfit.....

why is Leo hanging out withanyone who waers a hoodie and his hat sideways??????

Must be researching the method of next big part

Anonymous said...

they're good friends nit wit

Anonymous said...

the point is guys with the "hood" attire......grow up

maybe you wear your hat sideways too?
probably with the sticker on too ...right