Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Glass Invades Thomspon Street

Alright you out of towners, listen up. In-towners, you better listen too. We got news from the hotel game, and it sure seems pretty. According to a precious Little Birdy, it looks like Soho is about to get a new hotel. Says our LB:

A new hotel is being built by Brock Capital (who the fuck are they?). The location is the corner of Thompson and Broome, right across the street from 60 Thompson. Given some building constraints (they can't go that far underground), the hotel will actually have a lobby located above the ground. Guests will enter a glass elevator on street level that takes them up to the lobby. Word is there are going to be some other quirky design concepts. Some subs who are involved in the planning stages are saying that the design is going to be pretty crazy and should give 60 Thompson a run for it's money.
Wow. We had to stop typing for a second to catch our breath. Glass elevator! Where do they come up with this stuff? We predict a 2009 opening. Feel the heat!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Something's Wormy at the Waverly Inn

We stopped by the Waverly Inn for a hot minute recently. Pretty good. But what we found most interesting was the cocktail menu, which gave top billing to Absinthe, the once forbidden spirit derived from wormwood. To be certain, we aren't talking about the spoon/sugar/fire technique. The tenderhorns behind the bar are serving up an both an absinthe/gin Martini and a Sazerac that has an absinthe boost. A bit too gimmicky for us, especially when their Old Fashioned comes with muddled fruit (a big no no) and they don't know what a honeysuckle is. But what they make, they make well. For $15 a drink, they damn well better.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Week That Was

So, it's Friday. Can you believe it? Sure has been hectic around here. It's a good time to take a breather and reflect. Let's see what happened.

We hobnobbed with some nobles.
We went a bit raw dog.
We took this shit to the next level.

Internationally known, nationally recognized, and locally accepted.



Photo courtesy of Immon24/Flickr!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Expanding the Circuit

Tired of the same old Circuit parties in the same old places? Us too. Good news. There are two new spots that are about to be made available for events. First, a Little Birdy told us that Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano's 1OAK is not quite ready for the public, but will be ready for the private, saying "they are letting event planners know they will be ready to host fashion week events." That's like, only a month away. Yes! Also, the spaces at Six Columbus, including the required roof bar, various penthouses and Blue Ribbon Sushi are ready to be booked. All you have to do is call. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going Raw Dog at Blue Ribbon

While the world is atwitter over the impending opening of Six Columbus, the Blue Ribbon boys have quietly gone about their business. The BR empire is poised to open their first uptown location, and apparently, they looking to add some new features to their current sushi menu. Or so says a Little Birdy, noting "this place goes way beyond the others. They are having the sushi, and adding a full raw bar and Japanese barbecue section. The menu will also be available to the hotel's guests. Apparently they are trying to revolutionize hotel dining." Muy interesante birdy. Muy muy interesante. We love revolutions. What say you, Hotel Guru, about their plans? "Every new hotel that opens says they are poised to revolutionize the industry. Hasn't happened yet, and I doubt it will start now. But I do think this is a winning combination." We agree Guru. Back to you Ken.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Save LiLo

Because someone has to.

Break Down: Upstairs Bar

We don't want you to feel like we have left you hanging. So we used our DBTH skills and technological advancements to break down Upstairs. Starting at the bottom right and moving clockwise. Raise your hand if there are any questions.

1. The main entrance to Cafe Bari. You can enjoy their food or use their staircase to try and go Upstairs.
2. Behold! Door #2. A back entrance to Upstairs, or so we are told. Also the entrance to an international product mart.
3. Behind those dark curtains, Upstairs.
4. More curtains.
5. Again, curtains.
You get the point. Call your model and celeb friends, and let them know you are ready to get in on the secret. Or you can tell them DBTH sent you. But if you do, promise to let us know how it goes.

Get Down for the Upstairs, Everybody Get Down

Ooooh secret bar. Oooh so secret. Oooooh Danny A. Oooooh how do we find out more. You want to know more? You want to know more? We'll tell you more! Without further adieu, a very special Little Birdy.

It's actually housed in Cafe Bari, in the upstairs part of the resto. The place turns into a nightclub a few nights/week. We were clued into the fact that it was the right place because there's graffiti in the back hallway with a big "Upstairs" graff. Then you go in the back door to the restaurant. Who we assume was Danny A. was sitting there with some important looking people, looking/acting really pissed, reading the Post, looking at papers, on their blackberries. A couple of times he yelled at the waiters - we're assuming because that's where they think the leak came from.
Yelling at the waiters, nice touch. To add a few more details, the space has been long planned and is permitted. Like LB said, don't expect a 7 day a week celeb-a-thon. Danny A. and Co. only plan to let you upstairs a few nights a week. 7-Up? We dig.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Noble Venture

Our big Monday continues with another update from the Spring Street Corridor. It's time to make way for some Nolita Nobility. A little birdy reports, "I was walking home Friday night and noticed a new bar open a few doors west of Sweet and Vicious. I popped in and was told I had entered Noble Food and Wine. Wine bar up front and food in a small room in the back. The bar had 6 stools and a few small tables. They were hosting friends and family. It officially opens for business Wed night." Solid LB. Very solid. We are offering 10 DBTH points for a First Responder report. Act fast.

The Final Word: Vig Bar

First it was.

Then it wasn't.

And now, by way of a Little Birdy, the final word on Vig Bar. Says LB, "was on Spring Street this weekend. Vig Bar was open, and the normal pack of button down uptowners was queuing up to get in." Case closed.

Please stay tuned throughout the day. It's going to be a big one.

Friday, July 20, 2007


It's time for another edition of Dear DBTH, where we do our best to answer our faithful reader's questions. Unlike most places, we're always open.

Dear DBTH,

What is the standard for ordering specialty drinks at a relatively fine-dining establishment? I joined a friend for a semi-double date and when, the waitress came around, one of the girls asked the waitress if the bartender could make her a 'Wet Pussy' shot. I was embarrassed, and the waitress quickly answered no. Shouldn't we establish some kind of system for what is and is not appropriate?
To be honest, we thought that any semblance of a proper upbringing does establish this kind of system. Obviously we were mistaken. But for those who don't know, let's proceed. When dining in any restaurant, it is never proper to order a shot or drink who's name is also relatively vulgar. Even if it sort of exists. This excludes established cocktails like 'Sex on the Beach', which every bartender and waitress already knows. However, if in a bar, you can feel free to ask for anything, as long as you can tell said bartender how to make it. They are, or at least should be, experts in drink creation, and should try to accommodate you. A server in a restaurant should not be put in that kind of position. We suggest being more selective in your dating practices. Or sign your friend up for charm school.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Make Way for Matt Schendell

Apparently, there is a new kid on the Hamptons power block this summer. A quick follow up from a little birdy, who chirps, "As an avid reader of your blog I decided to act on the opportunity to shed some light on the Dune situation. The owner of Dune is in fact Matt Schendell (Dip, Honey). I can't say exactly how the profits are shared, however Matt is there every night greeting patrons, and because his name isn't as publicized as Noah or Jayma, it has served me better to drop it at the door of the club during peak hours." Great job LB. You combined news with advice. Double Trouble. It's Dunetastic, baby Dunebastic.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Power Share at Dune

By all accounts, the folks behind Dune are having a pretty good summer. The place is filled during the weekends. There haven't been any headline grabbing incidents. Missy Elliot even had her birthday there. But we were wondering, who actually owns/runs the joint? All the usual names have been mentioned. Noah, Jason, Jayma, Opie. Oh, and Paige Restaurant Group. Wait, a minute. Paige Restaurant Group? Who are they? After a bit of snooping, it turns out they own Dip in Murray Hill and Honey on the outskirts of the Meatpacking District. You don't say. Their business cards also list Dune as one of their properties. Classy touch. Anywho, with all the players in the Hamptons for the summer, is it possible that the owners of a fondue spot are actually calling the shots? Perish the thought.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update: Vig Bar

After the initial shock wore off from Vig Bar's possible and untimely demise, our intrepid commenters have come through to calm the nerves. Apparently there has been a management turnover at the Spring Street watering hole, not to mention a small run in with the SLA. Says our commenter, "The sign on the door said that they were forced to be shut by the SLA for 2 infractions going back to 2005. Looks like they lost their appeals. But the mandatory shuttering was only for 1 week. They'll re-open this Thursday." Huzzah! Being closed must have put a dent in their bottom line. Why doesn't everyone pop in there sometime soon for a drink and show some support.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Love Train Rolls On

We try to be modest. But once in a while, we like to toot our own Hipster. Heh. It's crazy to think back to how it all got started. But as much as we love reminiscing, we've got our eyes set dead ahead. We hope you stay with us as we move forward. If you do, we promise you a few things.

We will always keep it fresh.

We will always keep it fun.

We will always say it with a smile on our smiling face.

We got nothing but love for everyone, especially our readers. This love train is ready to roll, so get on board.



Spring Street Surprise

We may have lost an old friend over the weekend. A little birdy says, "Was meeting some friends at Sweet and Vicious over the weekend. As I was approaching, I noticed that Vig Bar was closed. The iron gate was pulled down, and there was some kind of sign in the door. I couldn't read what it said though, and didn't head over there to look." Wow. Vig Bar seemed to be doing alright. They also seemed well positioned for the nightlife shift that is taking place. We certainly didn't see this coming. Hopefully, it was just a one off thing. Calls to the establishment went unanswered. Consider this developing.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Trekkies Welcome on the West Side

It's been a tough stretch for our readers at the Beatrice Inn. Late last night, we received the following:

Just got back from a failed attempt to hit the Beatrice Inn for the first time. There was no line, there were no outside smokers, just a small door man(SDM) with a bad haircut and a bouncer type. It looked easy enough. When my friend and I approached, the following happened.

SDM: Which party are you with?
Me: Actually, we aren't with a party.
SDM: Sorry, can't do it.
Me: Can't do what?
SDM: Let you in.
SDM (looking down): And you are wearing flip flops. That goes against our dress code.
Me: What's the dress code?
SDM: No flip flops.
Me: Well, ok, what if I had a Star Trek symbol on my shirt right here, would that help?
SDM: Maybe.

We walked away after that. What a douche.
Ouch. That is a terrible experience. One bad evening can be random, two in one week reeks of a pattern. Love the Star Trek comeback though. Definitely some weekend food for thought.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodbye Belvedere, Hello White Star

It's no secret that Belvedere Vodka has run into some recent trademark issues. We turn to our Importing Guru for some background, who informs us, "basically, Belvedere Winery has sued the importer of Belvedere Vodka, Millennium Import, which is a subsidiary of luxury goods behemoth LVMH. A judge recently ruled against the vodka and as of now, Millennium has suspended all sales, marketing, distribution and fulfillment of orders of the product." Sucks to be LVMH. So while word of a relaunch has circulated, the real question waiting to be answered is what will the new brand be called? The rumor had been B Vodka (terrible), but a loose-lipped Little Birdy in the know tells us, "Belvedere will be re-branded as White Star Vodka. White Star is a brand that LVMH already controls as part of the Moet family of champagnes." We don't drink much vodka, but we guess that works. Give us a White Star on the Rocks. Give us a Dirty White Star. Rolls right off the tongue.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Heading Uptown to Get Down

Normally, we would rather head out of town than uptown. There are always exceptions, and this is one of them. The buzz over Jason Pomeranc's Six Columbus has been building for close to a year. The over-hyped, much delayed reno job has had many false starts, but observers are all atwitter with rumors that the hotel will be open soon. It's time to certify these rumors. You know what time it is. Little birdy time! Give it to us birdy. "Six Columbus is laying down the finishing touches. Look for the joint to be open for guests in the middle of August. Like the week of the 12th. Oh, and look for Blue Ribbon to open simultaneously, not like Gemma's delay at the Bowery." Explosion! That's hot Little birdy. Too hot. Burn ourselves. So hot that we are going to continue to stay downtown. But please, feel free to let us know how it looks.

Monday, July 09, 2007


We love getting mail from our readers on any topic. Even if they happen to disagree with us. Writes one reader,


After your glowing review of the Beatrice Inn, my friends and I decided to check it out. What were you thinking? There were so many hipsters with ray bans and fedoras and lots of new order playing, it was laughable. Oh, and they had no AC, so it was just a bit warm inside.
We sure are sorry you didn't have fun. But we must point out, our report was from March, and it is now July. You know how fickle the scene is, don't you? Fedoras are a sure sign of the B team. Most kids are dressing like the Iron Sheik these days. Plus, the summer season is upon us. What were you still doing here this weekend? We chalk this up to poor timing, and will make a return trip to the Beatrice in the fall.

Got some a tip, news, gossip, or a questions. Please let us know. The Hipster Phone is never low on batteries.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Week That Was

Totally random photo courtesy of Skeuzer/Flickr!

We keep saying it's a holiday week. We know. But isn't it? It is. Besides that, what else is going on? Hmmm, let's see.

An old friend finally got on their feet.
We had a new cocktail (or two).
We decided to spend more time outside.

Besides, who really cares what the calendar says?

Every week is a holiday when you are Down By the Hipster.

Have a great weekend,


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Perfect Summer Cocktail

The bounty of fruit that summer yields has reached its zenith. What better way to enjoy it than in a cocktail. #1 on our list (so far), the Black Cherry Daiquiri, brought to you by the fine people from East Side Company. May we suggest spending one of your weekday nights sitting at their bar to enjoy this and several other of their creations. Only $11. Same as a movie ticket, and certainly a more enjoyable experience. Carry on.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Great Outdoor Movie Battle

If your idea of fun is watching movies you have already seen in a pleasant outdoor setting, for free, than you are in luck. New York is full of such options. But with so many choices, how can one possibly decide which to attend? Luckily, you old friends DBTH are here to provide some help.

1. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy hosts Thursday night movies with a view of Manhattan. Top Picks: The Princess Bride (7/5), The Muppets Take Manhattan (7/19)
2. L Magazine takes over the McCarren Park Pool on Tuesday nights. Top Picks: Dazed and Confused (7/17), Bonnie and Clyde (8/14)
3. Bryant Park, the original, stays with the classics every Monday. Top Picks: The Sting (7/23)
4. Central Park also gets in the game with a limited schedule. Dates vary, so check the listings. Top Picks: Stuart Little (9/1)
Never forget, nightlife in New York is more than just drinking and the like. But, people have also been known to drink at these events. Or so we are told. Just don't forget the brown paper bags. And recycle.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

BREAKING: Gemma Open for Business

A normal summer weekend in New York City is slow. A semi-holiday summer weekend is very slow. Not the best time to open a restaurant. Or is it? A DBTH commenter dropped a weekend bomb on us, saying

Gemma the restaurant at the Bowery hotel opened last night (Friday 29th) - no tastings, no private parties, just simply opened the doors at 6:30 - by 9:30 the place was packed! The food is delicious, the wine fantastic and the service impeccable - especially considering it was the first night. It is a gorgeous space with no detail left unconsidered - like the hotel it is a knock-out! Where were you?
Unfortunately, we were away on official DBTH business. And the praise seems a bit too praisey, if you catch our drift. However, the space is very well done. We attended a small get together there a few weeks back. Thankfully, we can now rest peacefully knowing Gemma is ready to go.