Tuesday, August 21, 2007

White Star Supernova

After years of litigation, the little known Belvedere Winery had finally slayed the big bad Belvedere vodka. A judge had ruled that LVMH's clear, tasteless liquor had infringed upon the winery's precious trademark, and LVMH's had little choice but to change Belvedere's name and move on. LVMH chose White Star. They planned a big ol' marketing blitz to introduce the new product. And then nothing ever happened. So what went down? A Little Birdy, who doesn't much like singing in the rain, sang this us, "LVMH resolved the Belverdere issue with the California winery, buying the name outright. New Belvedere marketing campaign will hit full force in Sept." Resolved to us means they drove up to Napa with a big ass bag of cash and dropped it on someone's door. TCB, you know? At least our banker friends won't be confused when they get their bottle bills at Tenjune and see a $450 charge for something called White Star. Now we can all get some sleep.