Thursday, August 30, 2007

CB2 to PM: No Go

Some more bad news for Kiki and Uniq and their Meatpacking District haunt PM. After first learning about a run in with the local community board, our Little Birdy come in with an update, and it's not good.

I just heard that the full board of Community Board 2 voted to reject PM's application to renew their liquor license. Community members have sent a ton of letters to the State Liquor Authority demanding that they deny the renewal. They've got State Senator Tom Duane on board as well. The SLA should issue a decision within a week but it doesn't look good for PM.

I also heard that PM is being sued by their landlord for back rent of over $500k -- that's a lot of bottle service to make up!!!
That is a lot of bottle service Birdy. We don't know how CB's pick one place over another to make a point like this. Maybe we never will. At least you will be able to find K & U at their new place if PM goes to sleep.