Friday, August 31, 2007

Wrap Up: Summer 2007

September 1. Summer is done-zo. We believe that we have done it dirty. You know this. And dare we say, this is the summer that New York City became a place to stay. Crazy stuff, but it's true. From river to river, the City was packed every weekend with more than European tourists and their foreign language Lonely Planets. 2007 is the summer when everyone decided that staying here when everyone else left was a good thing. We couldn't agree more.

Now we move on to fall. Lordy, it's going to be a big one. We can promise you that.

· We ramped up the intensity.
· You know we do it with love.
· It's time to bring the heat.
So as you pack up those share houses and bring your sweaters back from storage, please don't forget about your old friend DBTH. We promise more Little Birdy's, more original content, more features and more of just about everything. Because if we don't give it to you, no one else will.

Hope you had a great summer, and here's wishing you a great fall.



Photo courtesy of VTShep1/Flickr


Anonymous said...

What's the commotion, eh? WHAT'S THE COMMOTION?!