Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Shill We See

Without asking for it, your friends at DBTH have become a popular target for publicists. We find that odd, because most of them really dislike bloggers. Rest assured, the feeling is not mutual. That means you Gail Schoenberg! We've got (almost) nothing but love up in here. Today, just for fun, we'd like to point out one of the more comical PR blasts we receive. Every so often, Jenna Jameson makes some kind of public appearance, and a few days later we hear about it. Here is a sample:

Sex icon and adult film mega-star Jenna Jameson demonstrated her international appeal last weekend, strutting the runway for a good cause at the annual Life Ball 2007 in Vienna, Switzerland, marking Europe's largest charity event in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The weekend, highlighted by fashion house Heatherette, was filled with money-raising events.

"Being a part of Life Ball 2007 was an incredible honor for me," says Jenna. “HIV and AIDS awareness is a top concern in the adult industry and I felt it was very important for me to show my support towards the non-profit organizations that do their best to combat this overwhelming disease.
Congrats Jenna and congrats to Life Ball! Sounds like a great cause. Please keep up the great work and please keep up posted.