Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Evening At: Zouk and Velvet Underground (Singapore Edition)

Not satisfied with just bringing you the best in nightlife for Singapore's former British Imperialists, DBTH had to take in one of the world's great nightclubs: Zouk. Zouk has been around for 16 years and put Singapore on the map as a global party destination. A routine stop for international DJs from Deep Dish to Danny Tenaglia and Roger Sanchez to Erick Morillo, Zouk has a reputation as one of the most dynamic nightspots in the world. It's quirky owner completely renovates the club every few years, and we're not talking minor renos, but new designs that are consistently featured in Wallpaper* Magazine.

A few years ago, the owner decided to go upscale by opening a higher-end spot next door called Velvet Underground. Patronized by Singapore's jet-set elite, the place is decked out with the owner's incredible modern art collection. There are a half-dozen Warhols on display, Takashi Murikami lithographs, a large format Romero Britto behind one bar and a wall-size Keith Haring. Our favorite: A Warhol Mao portrait. Interestingly appropriate in a city that is 75% Chinese.