Monday, June 04, 2007

Quick Change at the Bowery

Remember that stealth Japanese restaurant we told you about? The one that was being planned for the basement of the Bowery Hotel? Well, it seems things have changed just a little bit. Our little birdy from Miami checks in (Hello stranger) and let's us know, "Sean and Eric were in Miami a bit ago, hanging out with their buddy Andre B. They were so impressed with his hotel spa that they are building one at the Bowery in what was planned restaurant space." Translation: Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson were hanging out with Andre Balazs in Miami and are now using his spa as an inspiration for their hotel. See ya Japanese restaurant. That's OK by us. We have more than enough overpriced sushi joints.

Editor's Note: Normally, this would call for a Flogging, but we were initially correct. We can't help it if they change their fickle little minds.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

"Novel" idea, but Great Jones Spa less than a block away is bound to be much nicer than their basement.
(Sorry for the mistype)