Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Healing Tonic

What is the new cocktail trend that is sweeping through Manhattan's finest cocktail establishments? Tonic water. Yeah, we know that tonic has always been around, but (relatively) new to the market is Q Tonic. Made from Peruvian quinine and sweetened with organic agave, Q is quickly becoming the go to tonic for the City's top bartenders. The product got some early buzz when it was introduced last fall, but it only recently has broken into the market. Example, Freeman's has just begun using it in it's tonic based drinks. Sweet. In fact, naturally sweet. After tasting it ourselves, we find it to be much improved over the traditional Schweppes tonic. The unnatural aftertaste is gone and the flavor blends nicely with a high quality gin. But it is still tonic. It doesn't really jibe with what we like to drink.

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