Monday, April 16, 2007

An Evening At: Milk & Honey

It's time for another installment of the DBTH ongoing series, An Evening At:, where we document the ins and outs of New York City nightlife. Openings and closings, dive bars and lounges, hipsters and B&T, DBTH will be on the scene and letting you read all about it, because for better or worse, it's all we have.

Some local operators had brought in an out of town chef who may be taking over an out of town restaurant, and they were nice enough to bring us along. Dinner was over and the hour was early, and the visiting chef was asked what they wanted to do. Chef says, "I'm beat from the flight, maybe just a place to get a good cocktail." Enough said. Milk & Honey, Sasha's original haven in the Lower East Side, is still unique for its location, atmosphere and drink quality. The number recently changed, but there is no need to call anymore. A quick text to the bar with a table request, and the helpful staff is quick to respond. "Your table will be ready at 10:30, see you then." Perfect.

Our group walks over and steps up to the door, gets buzzed in and led to our back booth. The smiling server is kind enough to help guide Chef through the process, and since we know the skilled Tender knows his way around an Old Fashioned, we ask for a Tequila - Bartenders Choice. The wait period between order and arrival is enough to make a serious drinker shake with excitement, waiting to see just what we will get to taste. Ours was a Tequila Honeysuckle, a creative play on the wildly popular Bourbon version, with just enough honey, cointreu and fresh squeezed lime juice to make us want to have another (two).

There is no extraneous noise, no cell phones, no pushing or shoving. Just concentrate on the world class cocktail, your company and the fact that while the rest of the city is dealing with the madness, you have been granted access to the land of Milk and Honey.

We know the joint's rules on pictures, this photo is courtesy of