Monday, June 02, 2008

The Smokeless Nights

You can put up all the signs you want. Drinkers still love to smoke, and they love to do both at the same time. So despite the smoking ban that Mayor Mike passed in 2002, some places still turn the other cheek when their patrons light up. But can the state use a tax increase to do what the City couldn't? We are about to find out, because "on Tuesday, the state tax on cigarettes will rise by $1.25 a pack — to $2.75 from $1.50 — driving up the cost of a typical pack in New York City to around $8.50." That is also the cost of one Manhattan beer (when you factor in tip). You have to think that while the die hards and casual smokers will smoke no matter what, this may help some in the middle decrease their habit, and that may just make your favorite nightlife spots even that less smoky. Gratzi NY State.

· $8.50 A Pack! Why Not Quit? [City Room]

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